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UB Technology Innovations, Inc. - GoLab

UBTI’s GoLab App provides real-time administration of the processes involved in hospitals/medical laboratories along with instant notifications and alerts enabling them to enhance their performance and efficiency

Solution Overview

With the increasing need of the medical facilities, there are scenarios where the hospitals/test laboratories need to track their patients test statuses. The GoLab App deals with the key phases involved right from the patient’s visit through lab tests and report dispatches with live notifications and alerts for the physicians & patients using Flow, which greatly helps to enrich their productivity and excellence. 

Solution Highlights

  •     Intuitive patient search and test results management
  •     User friendly interface to prescribe multiple tests
  •     Faster lab test status tracking
  •     Easy upload of test results
  •     Push notifications for physicians to approve test results in order to ensure accuracy
  •     Alerts for patients about test status which aids to improve customer satisfaction
  •     Quick email notifications for patients along with test results helping to gain confidence on lab
  •      Informative & interactive analytic on the efficiency of lab depicting the turnaround time or time delays enabling  to provide better service
  •      Web browser compatibility enabling users to access from any device or platform
  •      Flexible data handling

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