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Altron Karabina, a division of Altron TMT (Pty) Ltd

Altron’s purpose is to deliver innovation that matters with key focus areas across cloud, security, data analytics and IoT.

 As a key operation of Altron Group, Altron Karabina is the business technology solutions company within the group that represents Microsoft.

 Altron Karabina is not a typical Microsoft business technology solutions company. Microsoft enables us with the platforms they provide but as a solutions business, we look at the mega-trends, the themes in the world and the country and the conversations we have with our customers and we combine it all in order to provide relevant and impactful business value for our customers.

 We aspire to be an inspirational business partner, driving growth for our customers and jobs for the communities, in order to create a better South Africa. This enables us to be deeply purpose driven, knowing that what we do and the solutions we can create with our customers, can impact our country.

 To be this inspirational business partner, trusted and valued by our customers, we are business value obsessed. Our solutions need to create business value for the customers that provides the return on investment that the customer expects, and more.

 We have three core goals for our customers. Our first goal is to accelerate their business results. Secondly to transform their business and technology platforms and thirdly to empower our customers and their employees to win in everything they do.

 To achieve these goals, we have three divisions within the company. Modern Platform that encompasses digital collaboration solutions, digital applications and cloud infrastructure. Business Applications that includes Customer Engagement and Finance and Operations solutions and Data, Analytics and Planning, which covers data management, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. A golden thread that runs through these divisions is our Software Services business that covers Microsoft licensing and software asset management, and which delivers its own unique value propositions.

 To truly deliver the impact we expect from ourselves, we invest in our people and attract talented employees who get to work in a dynamic, highly engaging environment. People are at the centre of our business and without them, our business would not exist. 

 Through our Microsoft partnership, our inspiring leadership, our business value obsession, our relevant solutions and our experienced and talented employees and teams, we are a leading digital transformation partner in South Africa and Africa.

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