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February 25th Vancouver Power Apps User Group: Integrating Apps and Flows into Power BI Reports

Headshot of article author Charles Sterling

February 25th the Vancouver Power Apps User Group will start with May Alhajri, a digital analyst at Schlumberger delivering the first presentation and how to enable writing to the underlying data of a Power BI report using Power Apps. The second presentation will be by myself and a look at an upcoming feature that will enable initiating a Power Automate Flow from a new button type in Power BI.

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Introducing Power Apps mobile app’s new look (public preview)

Headshot of article author Vinit Parekh

Power Apps mobile has a “new look” and its now available in public preview. We’ve introduced new experiences like a home page to access your commonly used content and gesture controls to easily favorite or shortcut an app to your home screen. When you update Power Apps from your app store, you can turn on the new look and give us feedback directly from the side menu. Check out this blog to learn more!

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Enhanced component properties

Headshot of article author Greg Lindhorst

Enjoy two new experimental features for formula based components. Behavior properties enable a component to fire a custom event into its container, such as OnChange. Property parameters enable the passing of arguments for a property evaluation, providing our first steps toward formula based user defined functions.

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February 17th Power Apps Community Call: Building Responsive Applications, with Adaptive Cards, Approvals and more

Headshot of article author Charles Sterling

This moths Power Apps Community call Todd Baginski will start the call with introductions and a quick recap on what it took to build responsive applications before these recent additions. Charles Sterling will introduce Layout containers and how with no or very little code you can get dramatically change your user experience and make your Power Apps respond to layout and size changes. Trainer, MVP and Super User, Reza Dorrani, will walk through one of the highest requested topics how to integrate Adaptive Cards with Power Apps in a responsive design. Crowd favorite, Technical expert and MVP, Tomasz Poszytek will take Adaptive Cards to the next level with Power Automate Approvals. The entire cast will then cover what’s new and exciting this month When: February 17th 8:00AM PST Where:  

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Communicate broadly and collaborate effectively with two new Power Apps

Headshot of article author Navjot Marwaha

Learn more about two new fully functional solutions built on Power Apps and Dataverse for Teams – Bulletins and Milestones. Bulletins enables you to effectively communicate important information to your team members. Milestones enables the team members to collaborate across functions on the most important initiatives. Both apps are available with full source code, and can be extended using Power Apps low-code application platform.

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