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Re: Unable to Update " Update Control" for the Datacard (Combo Box)

  Tried with Dropdown1.Selected.Result Dropdown1.Selecteditems Dropdown1.Selected.value.... Nothing is working

Re: Linking 2 columns

Hi @RvdHeijden , Can you please post the exact code you are using OnStart and the Items of the two combo boxes (in Text) - what I posted works on test examples.

Re: Conditional Form Card Visibility Layout

Hi @JMerk , I did not realise you had that many controls one line and that sort of explains the issue - the form was not really designed for that many. Maybe make them a little bit narrow...

Re: How would you approach this? Text.Contains problem

Hi and thank you for your input. The issue is that the word often comes in the middle of the text...

Re: Collection takes ages to load

Have you tried moving this into a Power Automate flow and having it return a table to your app? A flow with a few Filter and Select blocks could make short work of this. Hope that helps, Bryan

Re: Auto Populating a Field

Hi @WarrenBelz, Thanks for your reply and apologies, I will try my best to explain exactly. I want to be able to populate a DataCardValue within a form (Form1). If EmployeeID is compl...

Re: Making three fields required in a canvas app using if statements

No worries.     My Sessions drop down field is called: CU_Session_Eval   My Quarterly Review drop down field is called: CU_Quarterly_Review_Eval   My Case Number field ...

The function 'Patch' has some invalid arguements - OnSelect Patch(

Hello,   I'm having some issues with my OnSelect patch statement - this is patching data from PowerApps fields to a SharePoint list (not using the SharePoint edit/view form).  The prob...

Re: duplicate line in collection

So you are trying to add a column from another collection? Follow this syntax: ClearCollect( NewCollectionA, AddColumns( CollectionA, ...

Machine Learning and Power Apps

Please, for now, is it possible for me to deploy a machine learning model within a Power App. Like a model and use a power app for the user interface.

Filtering a Gallery

Hi   I am trying to filter a gallery on a couple of fields.  A text input and a dropdown.   On the gallery, I have the following formula:   Filter( LDR_Courses, Drop...

Can I display a list of Office365Users with SearchUserV2 filtered by the field msExchHideFromAddressLists

We have a subset of employees that changes quite often, so I've created a simple Power App with a gallery and a Input Text box to search this list of users. I'm filtering the list by "Department" ea...

Re: The function 'Patch' has some invalid arguements - OnSelect Patch(

@TylerPA    I am using a mix of Choice, Single line of text and Person or Group for the SupMan column.   There are no lookup columns in play.   

Re: Filter a gallery based on a lookup column in Sharepoint which allows multiple values

@RalfsZ  I think the solution to your question can be found in @RezaDorrani 's video here: 

Re: Browse Gallery item not selected anymore

Hi @MaxBlack , Try using below updated formula -  With({_inVal: If(IsBlank(BrowseGallery1_6..Selected), First(BrowseGallery1_6..AllItems).Status, BrowseGallery1_6.Selected.Status)},...

Re: Saving cascading lookup column's distinct values in to the list and retrieving the lookup column data from the list using a power app form

@v-dezhili-msft , Thanks for the above suggestion.  This is not helping us to load cascading drop downs. If we select a particular Country, It should load only the states related to that ...

Re: Checkbox is checked based on dropdown value

@rosscortb Try in the OnChange of the dropdown If(Self.Selected.Value0,  Patch(collectionDemo,ThisItem,{IsChoosen:true}), Patch(collectionDemo,ThisItem,{IsChoosen:false} and ...

Re: Solution Import Fails due to missing dependency: Role

@Carrie_L, don't create it again, just add it inside the solution and then export the solution and reimport it to the testing environment.  

Teams " Employee Ideas " install issues on channel

We are having issues installing teams on one channel but other channels we are not ,  is this a permissions or license issue ?  has anyone had this issue ?

Re: Sound or Notification when Excel/Power Query refresh is complete

I use a Macro for almost all my reports however the downside is for it to work you have to turn off the background refresh for all queries and turn on the fast load option (thinking about it now you ...

Re: How to Restore to Previous Version History for SharePoint Integrated Form (Edited in PowerApps)

In both the screenshot provided by the original poster, and in my form there is no ellipses to click on to allow you to restore.

Re: Galleries snapping to top row

Thanks for starting the thread. I've been trouble shooting this issue for the last couple days and was getting nowhere until I came across this thread. After I updated my Authoring Version to the lat...

Re: Re-send an email to the same "To"s, keeping body and attachments as the original email.

I have found the solution.   Create a Flow with "When an HTTP request is received", create a new button called Resend and add it with Ribbon Workbench to the respective form ribbon. Then code ...

Re: There was a problem saving your changes. The data source may be invalid.

Hi Helen Did you ever got this issue sorted?   Regards Bhuti