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Re: How to patch multiple dropdowns in a gallery into a collection?

Hi @Roberto_el_Hajj , Looking at this again, why are you patching all the records to the Collection at the end ? You are creating a new blank record, which you can have a Save button in t...

Re: Delete single information in Gallery

Hi @PowerAppUser98  If you want to do this update base on the selected gallery, you can just Put an Update Icon inside the gallery. on select property of the Icon, You can use Update...

Re: File storage in Dataverse

Thank you. I will explore this a bit more. \

Re: How to set DefaultSelectedItems for Combo Box

@TracyQian , Applying that logic, what is the output of the second combo box - it is Result, so it will be (assuming the displayed field is SlicerBranch) {Result: ThisItem.SlicerBranch} No...

Re: Different multiple if conditions in visible property

In this case @Mahesh005 , you dont have to base the visibility on the same condition as the Tab. You just need to base the control on the action of the field.  e.g. if your YES/NO co...

Re: Show text based on a drop down value, conditional.

Thanks, I’m trying to create a tooltip style function like the below. I’ve seen static tooltip using an icon and text when you hover, but mine is dynamic.  

Delegation Warning - Excel Sharepoint

Hi please help, I just transferred all my excel file from sharepoint and change my connection from Onedrive to Sharepoint. however the delegation errors appear and in addition the Or operation is n...

Re: Patch repeating table with combobox

@mate , Just add .Value after both in the first part - you may need it also in the second depending what is in you collection.

Re: Want to reopen submitted details form by a link on outlook as approval

Hi @B8 , When we make changes in parameters we pass from powerapps (AskInPowerApps) it always gives error. That's why we have new trigger PowerAppsV2 where you can define the parameters th...

Re: Open a dialog box in center of screen

send the snapshot of your screen and dialog box, so that we can understand how to achieve the best result. @petewalburn 

Number not getting rounded off in View forms

Hi,in the below pic The numbers displays up to 2 decimal places in SharePoint list(marked as 1 in pic),but the same number displays upto 16 decimals places in ViewForms mode in Power app...

Re: PowerApps - Multiple lines of text default value

Hi, thank you so much for your help. It works! 🙂 yeay! have a good day

Re: Filtering Gallery with Two Conditions - ACL and Dropdown

Thanks a lot @WarrenBelz, I am getting the expected results through the code you shared. Many Thanks,   Regards, Akshay

Re: Default item in Gallery and Edit form - Getting your data

Yes. Instead of that have this:   First(Sort(YourDataSource; Created; Descending))   You are sorting your data from recent to old and getting the first item.   If you ...

Re: Delete single information in Gallery

i don't know if you have understood my question correctly, try to explain it again with an example This is how my datasource (list) look like (simplified) It should be an assignment with different ...

Re: Lookup Second (then third, fourth etc.) Result

Thank you for your reply. I'm using a Dropdown box, not Combo box. I did try just now with cb, but I don't need multiple selections in this instance. They should only be able to select one Area. Eac...

Re: Bug: Patching to an existing record in a collection - initially blank fields not updated

@v-micsh-msft  I have the same issue. Tried the options mentioned above but the issue still exists.

Re: Costumized View into Gallery

Hi, @marieRasmussen1 This is quite possible to implement. and it also depends on the datasource you intend to use. Dataverse would be very good to achieve this, Sharepoint too can do it. f...

Re: Powerapps Gallery keeps scrolling back to the top

Thanks @ikris    FYI: I had to roll it back a couple of versions. 3.22102.33 is whats working for me    

Re: Filter a gallery using two separate combo boxes which both have a large number of choices

Hi @WarrenBelz  Yes, both the Nationality column and the combo box are multi select. The same goes for the Language column and combo box.

Re: Delete single information in Gallery

Hello @PowerAppUser98 , it wont delete everything. you might just need to put the Update function on the line itself. and since your Age column is Number, (NOT TEXT), you will use:::: Age :...

Re: Is Dataverse and PowerApps the answer?

Good morning @hildasteyn ,  Dataverse and PowerApps are very very powerful and you can build enterprise solutions that are very reliable and effectives. Note that Dataverse is not only...

Problem with OnSelect event of itens inside a gallery

Hello everybody, I'm setting up a dynamic menu using an array in the OnStart event of my app, and I want that when I click on one of the buttons of my menu the user is directed to a new screen, but e...

Re: Select All check boxes in a Nested gallery

So I have tried the above and my Parent Gallery is a bit more complex as it has a sortbycolumns, groupby and a filter on it. So the formula in the parent looks thus GroupBy(SortByColumns(Filter(AddC...

Re: Scientific Equations in power apps

Thanks a lot @EddieE for responding. but i want to know if its possible to enter equations from power apps and scientific notations are needed to be entered. may be any way to open an equation edito...