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Re: Date Data format error

Hi, you have a problem in your data. 2021 is not a leap year so you can't have 29/2/2021 and that's the cause of the error If this post is useful to help you to solve your issue consider giving...

Re: General Questions

Hi @davidboti ,   Please leave the formula in Text in the forum as follows, otherwise we would not be able to modify the codes when it's quite long... formula   B...

Re: How to join two functions in a drop down box

Thanks @WarrenBelz . Powerapps did like your code formatting, however I don't think it is calling the first part of the code correctly   To make things a bit clearer, I have two list...

Re: Power Apps issue - Calculating from one fixed point

That is happening because your "VarGlobal2" is a global variable. You're only running BingMaps.GetRouteV3 a single time when you press the button. Instead of using a button to set a variable, just...

Re: PowerApps issue with Office 365 Outlook connector

My office 365 keep showing invalid connection (create and authorize OAuth connection failed), when I try creating flow with power automate

Re: Lookup % Rebate on another table based on Invoice quantity

Hi Kirete,   Still get the same result, duplicating the records for each customer code with different %Rebate

Re: Searching a filtered gallery

@WarrenBelz  One other thing to mention, my folder\file label ahs a text property set to: ThisItem.'File name with extension' Not sure if that makes any sense why folders don't show?

Can't Find Refresh data source

Hi everyone,   I just recently made some changes my datasource and I am trying to apply the changes in my Power Apps as well, but the problem is I can't find the section to view my data source...

Connecting Power Apps with Azure SQL Database

Good day everyone!   I would like to seek help in establishing a connection between Power Apps and Azure SQL Database. I could not figure out how. I would like to first establish that connecti...

Re: Bringing a specific list item's details into a canvas app

Hi @MakaMayla ,   Gallery control is used to display multiple items. Form control is used to display the detail of one item.       If you want to sh...

Access the old makepowerapps webdesign menubar

Hello, does anyone how we can change the make.powerapps website back to the old design Because this new update they have made is so hard to find the connections we have made. Thx

Re: Searching a filtered gallery

@da1ve , One of the reasons I use all Metadata fields in Libraries (apart from Delegation issues) is just this - inconsistant results the more complex a filter gets. As logic would tell you, i...

Re: Lookup % Rebate on another table based on Invoice quantity

OK i got it but still appear the same error    

Re: Navigation not working when Playing app (not in Dev mode)

Hi @DTO    I don't think "Scale to fit" causes the issue. I just tested with a simple app and had no issues. Can you verify any control on top of it when running the app? Do you ha...

Re: Why are my messages being marked as spam automatically?

Hello @StalinPonnusamy, Thank you for bringing this to notice. The requested post is moved out of spam.   Regards, Kinjal

Re: Why are my messages being marked as spam automatically?

Thank you, @Kinjal_iTalent . We appreciate it.    Thanks, Stalin (Microsoft MVP) Blog - Learn To Illuminate Blog YouTube - Learn To Illuminate Videos

More cards in One visual Power BI

Hi every one! I need some help about cards. I have more then one cards and I set them in a tabular form. I want to put them with in one visual. Why? because I need copy filter means when I...

Re: Lookup from a list, if not available in list show message "pending to assign" Power Apps

Hi @WarrenBelz, Thanks for your reply. I tried the formula you mentioned but is does not show what I want. With the current formula all works well, this means: If(IsBlankOrError(DataCardVal...

Re: How to patch multiple dropdowns in a gallery into a collection?

Hi @Roberto_el_Hajj , Looking at this again, why are you patching all the records to the Collection at the end ? You are creating a new blank record, which you can have a Save button in t...

Re: Delete single information in Gallery

Hi @PowerAppUser98  If you want to do this update base on the selected gallery, you can just Put an Update Icon inside the gallery. on select property of the Icon, You can use Update...

Re: File storage in Dataverse

Thank you. I will explore this a bit more. \

Re: How to set DefaultSelectedItems for Combo Box

@TracyQian , Applying that logic, what is the output of the second combo box - it is Result, so it will be (assuming the displayed field is SlicerBranch) {Result: ThisItem.SlicerBranch} No...

Re: Different multiple if conditions in visible property

In this case @Mahesh005 , you dont have to base the visibility on the same condition as the Tab. You just need to base the control on the action of the field.  e.g. if your YES/NO co...