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Re: The function 'Patch' has some invalid arguements - OnSelect Patch(

@TylerPA    So all the fields look OK in the expression however now when I submit / patch to SharePoint, I get an error in the Runtime on App Checker.   Although it doesnt specific...

Re: Filter, Search... which one?

@SebS  Actually, when I work with SharePoint, I never use complex type columns like Choice, Lookup or People types and only use single line of text, numbers and date/time, @WarrenBelz&nbs...

Re: comparing only day an month

Can you clarify, are you wanting to change its color in sharepoint, or in powerapps. and if in powerapps how are you currently displaying your data in powerapps, control type etc  

Use an SQL database integer column in Search Function

I am trying to filter out the Gallery items by a Search function. A textbox is employed and I am using this command to allow users to Search in multiple columns.   Search('MyTable',AppSearchBo...

Share Point People Column Image don't show on Mobile

Hello community. Could someone please point me in the right direction with this issue?   I can see the person's picture in my app using the web browser. But I can not see it in power apps ...

Deep link to app returns sharing message

So here is something I haven't been able to Google my way out of.  I have an app that users are able to use by clicking on the link to the app from our intranet.  The app displays fine for ...

Re: Setting checkbox values from Sharepoint List

@Jduggins  Please try this - if your hidden combobox is 'DataCardValue2' (replace your sharepoint list with 'testList' below. and 'testChoices' is a choice column from that list)   ...

Re: The function 'Patch' has some invalid arguements - OnSelect Patch(

Before You get to conclusions, test it fill out the form and select everything you can and submit. If it patches, You confirm this is the problem, and then you can look for a solution other than that...

Re: ALM and shared connections - can't allow permissions

Bump.   This seems like an environment-specific setting or such but I can't find and differences between my DEV and TEST environment settings or permissions.

Re: Variable in powerapps is blank

its screen onvisible not form

Re: Gallery items suddenly disappeared on publish

If it is worth anything, the PowerApps release versions are below.  The release update is the only thing I can identify that has changed, so it appears something must have changed along the way....

Re: Collect sum dataverse table

Something like this work for you? Or do you have other requirements Collect your data at startup Modify it into another collection (collection2) Based on how you are referencing these results: fi...

Power Platform Career Switchers’ stories

Inspiring stories from Liane, Mathew, Peggy, and Dawn about switching their careers using Power Platform low-code technology!   Learn more about the Power Up program at &nb...

Re: Galleries showing more than 100 items

@sky_sats , You cannot unless you start doing big collections (refer this blog of mine)

Re: Only the last selected item in combobox is showing

Hi @Emptyglasses , I am not sure how to respond to that - the blog sets out the process and you did not post your final code that is not working, but did you consider switching to a multi...

Re: Export Excel

@v-bofeng-msft  Yes i think the problem is in using 'Gallery.AllItems', but I don't know what I'm going to replace it with; knowing that I have 3 filters

Re: Using IDs to get data from multiple SharePoint Lists

For the individual details, did the user need to fill-in the details on their own? If yes, you could put the Default for the department name label as:  LookUp(Departments, DepartmentI...

Re: Using IDs to get data from multiple SharePoint Lists

Hi @aah ,   Is there any error message? Where would you like to display the department item?   Best regards,

Start Screen Error

Calendar App starts on a different screen rather than the 1st screen, and even when I set Start screen, it still opens a screen that is not even available in the app

Re: Send textinput data to Sharepoint (Patch function)

Could solve it. If anyone should be interested: Patch( 'Hardware Order List'; Defaults('Hardware Order List'); { KID: InfoAbout.Text; STREET: StreetInput.Text; PLZ: PLZInput.Text; LOCA...

Re: Date from text issue

Date.From(Text.Combine(Splitter.SplitTextByAnyDelimiter({"st ","nd ","rd ","th "})([Attribute]),"-"))

Re: Dropdown Dependency on TextBox

Yeah sorry. The "TextBox" is a Text Label and i would like to append the chosen value of the dropdown to the Text Label

Re: Combo box: SelectedItems, convert string to a combobox

HI @Aleksandra1 , Try using below formula in Items property of combobox -  LastN(Split(First(Split("N/QA-DOC/SOX-DOC; comment",";")).Result,"/"),2)

Re: Power App on SQL procedure

That article is a little dated. There is a simpler way to return a table from Power Automate to Power Apps using the process "Response (Premium)"     You'll need to use in Body...