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Announcing new Dataverse auditing features

Headshot of article author Andreas Munzinger

We are introducing a set of new audit features helping Dataverse administrators to stay compliant with internal and external auditing requirements and to manage log capacity at the same time.

Audit data is now also stored in a separate physical log storage so an organization’s audit log can grow to many terabytes in size without limiting available physical database storage. This change in physical storage is independent from the continued need for having sufficient storage entitlements for logs and database records.

What is the auditing feature?

The auditing feature logs changes that are made to customer records and user access so you can review the activity later. The auditing feature is designed to meet the auditing, compliance, security, and governance policies of many regulated enterprises.

Audit retention policy

Administrators can select an audit retention period from a dropdown menu or specify a custom retention period. Audit records are automatically deleted after the retention period is over, relieving administrators from the burden of deleting audit data manually. It is also possible to keep the audit log indefinitely by not specifying a retention period.

Audit settings
Audit settings with the option to specify a retention period.

Try it out now! Go to Audit data and user activity for security and compliance – Power Platform | Microsoft Docs to learn more.

Flexible audit data management

With new flexible audit deletion options, we are removing a major pain point our customers were facing frequently: how do I delete a subset of the audit logs while keeping the rest?

We are introducing a set of new audit deletion options so administrators can delete the logs of one or more audited tables, delete the user access logs, or delete logs up to a specific date in order to free up storage space. The new delete options are replacing the audit log management view and quarterly log partitions.

New audit deletion options
New options to delete audit data.

Try it out now! Go to Free up storage space – Power Platform | Microsoft Docs to learn more.

Use the BulkDelete API to tailor deletions to your specific needs. Try it out now! Go to Retrieve and delete the history of audited data changes (Microsoft Dataverse) – Power Apps | Microsoft Docs to learn more.

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