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Power Apps portals: Use code components on pages (Preview)

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We are excited to announce that capability of adding code components using Liquid template tag within Power Apps portals is now available with portals version 9.3.10.x  (updates are currently rolling out).

Preview capabilities

  • Liquid template tag for code components.
  • Code component with Web API support.

Liquid template tag for code components

Code components can be added to a  web page using the codecomponent Liquid template tag.
The key for denoting the code component that needs to be loaded is passed  using the name attribute. The key can be the GUID (which is the code component ID), or the name of the code component imported in Microsoft Dataverse.

The values of the properties that the code component expects needs to be passed in as a key/value pair separated by “:” (colon sign), where key is the property name and the value is the JSON string value.

{% codecomponent name: <ID or name> <property1:value> <property2:value> %}


Code Component with Web API support

Below is sample code component with Web API support added on webpage.

Learn More

Documentation is available here –Use code components on pages with Liquid template tag and you can try this capability via – Tutorial: Use code components on pages with Liquid template tag

Your feedback will help us continue to build on and improve the capabilities of this feature. We want to hear from you!