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Try out the Power Apps 2022 April Release Wave 1 updates for Model-driven apps!

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The Power Apps 2022 April Release Wave 1 for Model-driven apps is now available for you to enable.  In this release wave you can take advantage of cohesive and modern experiences while collaborating with team members in Power Apps.


Start by opting your environment into the 2022 April Release Wave 1, learn how (  ).


We have a list of the Power Apps early access features ( ) and Dynamics 365 apps early access features (  ).



Delivering modern business apps with unparalleled productivity for all users

Collaboration with colleagues and task productivity is more important than ever before for business users.   These are two main focuses of the Wave 1 release, and we have several features you can opt into in order to streamline productivity.


Task productivity updates include:

  • Modern Power Apps grid and view pages have been enhanced and will be auto enabled during this wave

Opt-In Updates:

  • Modern Advanced Find allows users to access any table and use advanced filters to explore data
  • Users can be alerted to key items to address, which makes them more likely to be successful leveraging In App Notifications


Collaboration opt-in updates include:

  • See colleagues who are currently working on the record and easily start chats with them
  • See on-line status of colleagues in-app and easily start chats with them via improved people card
  • Easily share links to records with colleagues



Task Productivity

Power Apps grid

Model-driven apps are first to feature the new Power Apps grid, a new read-only grid control, both inside the view page and inside forms (sub-grids). The new grid control follows Microsoft Accessibility Standard and will be auto enabled as part of this wave release.

In addition to improved performance, the new control supports:

  • Remembering grid view settings across the session
  • Ability to resize columns
  • Ability to reorder columns (via column options UI)

The grid view page in Model-driven apps now features column options settings that let app users customize which columns are shown in the grid and additional text has been added to make it easy for your end users to discover this capability.

With this feature, users can:

  • Add new columns, from current or related tables.
  • Remove columns.
  • Change the order of columns in the grid


When the grid is auto enabled with this release, the classic jump bar experience is disabled by default, but can be enabled by following the documentation here.  Infinite scrolling will be an option in future waves as this is a modern experience that end users expect of a grid. If you decide you need to opt out of the new Power Apps read-only grid control, this can be done from the Power Platform Admin Center by toggling the “Enable the modern-read only grid experience” switch under the “Grids and views” section.



Modern Advanced Find

With modern advanced find, you can access any table in a model-driven app through search and use advanced filters to explore the data easily. Be more productive with navigation by searching for a view by its name in the enhanced view selector. The new view management experience will provide you with options to share views so you can collaborate with your team easily. Managing views is simpler with personalization options to build your own set of views.

Learn more about modern advanced find and how to opt your users into this experience.



In App Notifications are Generally Available starting in April 2022

The in-app notification feature that was announced for public preview July 2021 with Model-driven app adds in-app notifications is reaching general availability in April 2022.  Learn more about how makers Send in app notifications and how users receive Notifications.

Since public preview, we have improved the scalability of in-app notifications by up taking the non-relational data storage and adding enhanced polling based on user navigation.

A maker can opt-in to this feature using the modern app designer preview.  Open the settings > Upcoming features and then enable “In-app notifications”.




Multiplayer App Collaboration

Co-presence in records and Owner field online presence

Now you can see who’s currently working on a record including their online status. You can also start a chat or send them an email and take collaboration to the next level.  This feature is currently available on the Account, Case, Opportunity, and Contact tables.

Avatar and on-line availability of colleagues is immediately obvious in the UI with the new persona card shown in the form owner field, lookups and grids. Clicking on the avatar exposes the improved contact card which allows you to start a chat or email with a single .

Learn more about how to opt your users into this experience



Easy record sharing

Share records as easy as Office documents. Use the new share button to email a link or copy the link and share it with someone else. A link to the record can only be shared with users who have permissions to access the record currently, but we are working on expanding this in the future.

Learn more about how to opt your users into this experience




Next Steps

Get started today by opting your environment into the 2022 April Release Wave 1, learn how (  ).