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Sentient Dynamics

We’re a Microsoft Business Applications partner focused on developing custom & industry-aligned solutions on the Microsoft Power Platform. Our mission is to reduce project waste typically seen with large application delivery projects that run overtime, budget and don’t deliver on benefits.

We involve users day 1 in building solutions and incrementally roll out features and functionality based on user feedback. With this approach we’re able to deliver results quicker, de-risk projects by not requiring the entire budget up-front and we’re able to deliver to outcomes – not scope.

Importantly we want both IT and the business to succeed. We want to enable IT to administrate, manage and govern a platform that allows business users to develop capabilities and drive value building solutions in an environment that’s IT approved.

Why Us

  • Day 1 engagement with users and throughout the project
  • We fix one problem at a time - this means you don’t need to commit to the whole budget up front
  • Contract to quantifiable outcomes - no ambiguity on outcomes, projects run on-time and on budget
  • We work in small teams – this reduces the lines of communication and overall complexity
  • We develop what's needed, not what people think is needed
  • We build on the Microsoft Power Platform that supports rapid, modular application and solution development and does not increase an organisations attack surface
  • Faster results - Development starts day 1


  • Business & mobile application development
  • Process & workflow automation
  • Intelligent chatbots
  • Interactive dashboards & reports 
  • Training & coaching 
  • Data modelling & integration 
  • Service automation 
  • Managed services
  • Application transformation and re-platforming 
  • Power Apps recovery 


Technology Stack

  • Power Apps 
  • Power Automate 
  • Power BI
  • Power Virtual Agents 
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Power Apps Portals 
  • AI Builder
  • Dataflows 
  • Common Data Service 
  • XRM Javascript 
  • Typescript
  • Azure Machine Learning 
  • Azure Bot framework
  • Azure Functions 
  • Azure Datafactory
  • Blazor Webassembly

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