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Run Workflow in Advanced Find

Hi, I have a question on this feature:      How exactly does this feature work?      

Find a powerapp given its url

Given the url for a powerapp ( how can i find it in the poweapps admin center?

Re: After submit form, navigate to the entry that is lastsubmitted

Please take a screenshot of the two formulas. ------------ If you like this post, give a Thumbs up. Where it solved your request, Mark it as a Solution to enable other users find it.

Re: Forms, filter, TextBox

Thank you very much for your answer!   This one works :  LookUp(Datasouce,Column = Value(Textbox1.Text))

Re: Using Launch function in powerapps

Launch( "link to page",{}, LaunchTarget.Replace ),

Re: Same app built on PowerApps works in one environment but not on the other(Development and Production). Data fails to load.

Hello, Yes I tried refreshing the data sources and also tried to remove and add them back. There are no errors, the data just doesn't load.   Thanks Nikhila

Re: Use different Sharepoint list to store data depends upon user login & department

@PapithaSekar1 , Broad question to answer without code examples, but all is possible. You can also look at the Patch option if you do not have a form - simply Patch to the relevant list base...

Re: On click on "Knowledge Base Article" search icon it should open in new Tab of browser.

You need to use the Launch function: Example: Launch( "", "q", "Power Apps", "count", 1 )

Re: Using Launch function in powerapps

Your code seems fine. I just tested with: Launch("", {}, LaunchTarget.Replace) which works. Do you get errors in your code? if not then save and publish the App to see if th...

Re: gallery return all records if nothing chosen

@DAVIDPOWELL  Your second argument of the if function does not Filter based on the Combobox but rather Textbox. Is that what you want to achieve if the Combobox is selected? With your curren...

issue with fluent UI Scrollable pane

I have created a custom grid control using Fluent Ui controls. I am using detailed list inside scrollable component with sticky header and footer.  Issue: When i scroll to the end of the screen...

How to Sort in the Browse Screen by Creation Date

Howdy all, very green power apps question.    I would like the sort button to sort the items by creation date?    Do you know how I might do this? Thank you.

Re: CANVAS APP: Show document library contents (files) based on URL to that folder in SharePoint list

I'm getting an error unfortunately. I even tried creating a new 'client folder' column that was text only, but ended up getting the same error. (attached). Could it have anything to do with the fact ...

Conditional Fill Color Based on Selection

I apologize for beating a dead horse. I have visited all the possible forum posts in regards to conditional formatting to adjust a fill color but can't seem to find one in the same scenario.   ...

Re: Validation for last 7 days in Power Apps or Automate?

Thank you.  Would I add this code to the onsubmit field?

Re: Highlight mandatory fields in the powerapps if you are looking for white or empty

@yashag2255    Hi, thanks for the help! But how I can check if the field is required? Because, if the field is not visible and required he will show red border color and have an error....

How to display combobox field value in Text label after submitting canvas app?

Dear all,    I am trying to use text labels to display chosen values in the Canvas app Combobox after they have been saved to the SharePoint.   The combobox gets its values from th...

Re: Validation for last 7 days in Power Apps or Automate?

Hi @JennyinIndy , Assuming you have the user's name and the date of the last Activity in your list, you would do something like this With( { wList: Filter( YourA...

Re: keyboard

Maybe you are using a phone running Android operating system, it will feel very slow for a long time. you should reset the device. i recommend ios phone, it is very stable.

Re: Update Gallery CheckBox

Was just getting there.   Here is what I had and your code: //If(ThisItem.Medication in LookUp(colPelMed,And(Facility=SelectedFacility.Text,Line=SelectedLine.Text),Med),true,false); LookUp(co...

Re: Create a 3rd Collection (i.e., JOIN) From Two Collections

@gabibalaban - Thanks for the quick response.   The code you provided almost solves the issue but the Pursuit Closedown Date is blank for some reason.  From the image below you ca...

Re: Editable Gallery Highlight Issue

@tagustin2020  AH yes...the endless problems that lots of variables cause! Avoid when possible!   What I'm not seeing anywhere - and maybe I'm just missing it, is where you set the E...

Re: Update Gallery CheckBox

@iwonder  Are you using the formula I provided on the Checkbox Default? LookUp(colPelMed, Med=Self.Text && Facility=SelectedFacility.Text && Line = Se...

Re: When is the W10 app finally getting updated?

HI,   I am not a Microsoft Employee but I will weigh in here and say that I feel this not is almost flippant but I can also see a hint of frustration. As we know with the Surface Duo running...