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Re: How would you approach this? Text.Contains problem

Hi and thank you for your input. The issue is that the word often comes in the middle of the text...

Reset a portal - Power Apps


Learn how to reset a portal.

Web API Conditional Operations Sample (Client-side JavaScript) (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps


This sample demonstrates how to perform conditional operations using Microsoft Dataverse Web API and client-side JavaScript.

StandardControl - Power Apps


Provides properties and methods to initiate, update, destroy and perform various actions to build a component.

Add image - Power Apps


Learn about how to add image component to a Power Apps portals page using portals Studio.

Scalable Customization Design: Database Transactions (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps


The second in a series of topics. This topic focuses on the impact of database transactions on scalable customization design

Enhanced quick start (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps


An enhanced quick start building on the simple quick start using Dataverse Web API

Build web applications using server-to-server (S2S) authentication (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps


Use server-to-server (S2S) authentication to securely and seamlessly communicate with Microsoft Dataverse with your web applications and services.

Manage an on-premises data gateway in Power Apps - Power Apps


Learn about how to manage an on-premises data gateway and its connections.

Deactivate or activate an account or contact in a Model-driven app - Power Apps


How to deactivate and activate an account or contact

Understand How to app sample app architecture - Power Apps


Learn about the architecture of the How to app sample app.

Create your first component using Power Apps Component Framework in Microsoft Dataverse - Power Apps


Learn how to implement code components using Power Apps component framework

Update inspection notification to use an adaptive card (contains video) - Power Apps


Learn about how to update Inspection notification to use adaptive card.

Customize table and column mappings in Power Apps (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps


Learn about mapping columns between tables that have a relationship in Power Apps. This lets you set default values for a record that is created in the context of another record.

Testing tools for server-side development (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps


Learn about testing frameworks for server-side development.

Resx Element - Power Apps


The resx web resource is used to manage the localized strings you define.

Linking - Power Apps


Provides properties and methods to determine which table is linked and to get all the tables linked.

Re: Collection takes ages to load

Have you tried moving this into a Power Automate flow and having it return a table to your app? A flow with a few Filter and Select blocks could make short work of this. Hope that helps, Bryan

Re: Auto Populating a Field

Hi @WarrenBelz, Thanks for your reply and apologies, I will try my best to explain exactly. I want to be able to populate a DataCardValue within a form (Form1). If EmployeeID is compl...

Re: Making three fields required in a canvas app using if statements

No worries.     My Sessions drop down field is called: CU_Session_Eval   My Quarterly Review drop down field is called: CU_Quarterly_Review_Eval   My Case Number field ...

The function 'Patch' has some invalid arguements - OnSelect Patch(

Hello,   I'm having some issues with my OnSelect patch statement - this is patching data from PowerApps fields to a SharePoint list (not using the SharePoint edit/view form).  The prob...

Re: duplicate line in collection

So you are trying to add a column from another collection? Follow this syntax: ClearCollect( NewCollectionA, AddColumns( CollectionA, ...

Machine Learning and Power Apps

Please, for now, is it possible for me to deploy a machine learning model within a Power App. Like a model and use a power app for the user interface.

Filtering a Gallery

Hi   I am trying to filter a gallery on a couple of fields.  A text input and a dropdown.   On the gallery, I have the following formula:   Filter( LDR_Courses, Drop...