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Employee Phone number missing

Hi,   In my powerapps I am using office365user as a datasource. I added below code to display user phone extension number but nothing showing whereas if I use .MobilePhone it does show use mob...

Re: insert date and time

Hi Jamesb,   Have you seen this blog about Creating a weather app using PowerApps, please check this link for more details: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/carlosag/2017/01/10/creating-a-w...

Re: Login issues to Mobile PowerApps App Android 6.0.1

Hi Rohittee1,   I have reported this issue on my side. But I haven’t got any updates. I will back to you once I got a response. Thanks for your patience and understanding.   ...

Re: Employee Phone number missing

Thanks for prompt reply. It works only for mine but when I search other user phone no doesn't change!   Sorry, I am very new in the tools.   Thanks  

Re: PowerApps import data

Yes, the CDS database comes with dummy data to help you try it out.   It can be cleared from the Entities page, using the option:

Re: Employee Phone number missing

Can you please try:   First(Office365Users.MyProfile().BusinessPhones).Value

Re: MSN Weather

Thanks Carlos. So I need to somehow copy the location coordinates my Google static maps gives me, into my MSNWeather formula right? Regards Lorcan

Re: Patching problem

Hey @Meneghino     Well I tried another bit and I found out this, when I look to the details in PowerApps from one order I get this:   But in SharePoint it is still emp...

Re: Patching problem

Hey @Meneghino     Will follow your instruction and let you you know as soon as possible Thanks for your effort and time, really appreciate it   Kind regards    ...

Bug: Not seeing all tables of SQL Server (Access Web App) in data source list

In the latest version of Studio 2.0.600 both desktop and web truncates the list of tables in my database. The table are displayed in alphabetical order and only the first 20 rows or so of 45 ar...

Re: Flow Issue: You need to be signed in to the services used in this app.

No, it does not work, FTP flows can't be shared. And it looks lke they don't even work on smartphones.   John

Re: Unable to create new app

Thanks, I think that a good place for this information would be on https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-365-URLs-and-IP-address-ranges-8548a211-3fe7-47cb-abb1-355ea5aa88a2

Re: Sharepoint date error

Hi Steelman, Can you please provide steps to add one/two hours to the date that we receiving from sharepoint.

How to reference between tables and key, and show the value of a textual column, not a key

I used the tutorial: FlooringEstimates.xlsx - https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/tutorials/add-form/   But in the column: Category, I wanted a KEY to be written there, coming from another t...

Re: How to Save Choice field value using UpdateIf/Patch functions

Hi @SPDevOne,   To patch a Choice field, we need follow the way to patch a lookup field: How to patch a SharePoint Lookup Column As choice field is also a lookup type. For the dat...

Re: Accessing User Profile Picture.

Thanks Andy.. when is that getting released?

Re: Full support for Sharepoint Choice fields

+1, looking forward to full support for choice fields

Re: Duvida

Hello Alex,   If you have a table in Excel like the one below: [pt] Se você tem uma tabela no Excel como a mostrada abaixo: And the table is called "Produtos", you can add a Dropd...

Re: Duvida

I have a base in excel and want to make a menu. Where I click and appears everything related to the item clicked. As in the example above. If you click community appeared all have community and so o...

Re: An error has occurred. Try it again later / On premise Sql Server

Hi @Enterado,   This issue should have been fixed. Please try to add a new connection and see if it would work this time. Regards Michael

Re: Course of Poowerapp

como eu mudo a cor da letra para preto?

Re: Course of Poowerapp

Alex2 said: How do I change the color of the letter to black?   Use the Color-function to change the textcolour of the button to black as shown: RGBA(0; 0; 0; 1)  OR you can type 'Black...

Re: Distributing my App

Office 365 Home might be a viable option for us but is it possible to give an app created on our business account to a user who has a separate Office 365 Home subscription?

Re: No Recovery from Studio Crash

Hi Carlos,   The session ID changes for each session and I must have relaunched the studio app a few times since this post.... It hasn't crashed during my current session so will the current ...