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PowerApps weekly release summaries are live! Tune in for new features and bug fixes!

While you have been building stunning applications on PowerApps, you’ve requested a way to view the latest enhancements and new features that our team is releasing each week. Today we are launching PowerApps Weekly Release Notes. This will give you visibility into the latest features and optimizations that we’re shipping on a weekly basis.

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Make PowerApps discovery easier with Microsoft Search in Bing

Microsoft Search enables employees to be more productive by allowing them to search all sites and assets across their tenant. Microsoft Search in Bing aims to provide unified work and web search experiences, including the ability to search and find PowerApps in your organization.

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Automatically format your formula!!

Hi everyone. In our latest release, you can now automatically format your formulas! You can take all those very compact formulas, that can be very difficult to read and understand, and make them…

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