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January 2019 updates for Microsoft PowerApps

Headshot of article author Evan Chaki

The team has been busy the last month shipping new features and fixes for you.  You can view the weekly release information here .  Check the release table, by region, to find out when these features and fixes will be available.


Canvas-app delegation of aggregate functions in Common Data Service for Apps

In canvas apps, makers can use aggregate functions to summarize data across larger sets of data in Common Data Service for Apps. Makers can delegate these calls because the local processing limit has been eliminated. See the blog post for more details.


Improved reliability of offline experience for canvas apps

Canvas apps on devices using SaveData/LoadData are more reliable in offline scenarios. App makers can store up to 20 MB of data or 20 images offline in a single call, which allows makers to create more robust field service apps. See the blog post for more details.


Deeper PowerApps integration in Power BI

BI creators can consume PowerApps within their Power BI reports in production solutions. Report creators can refresh their Power BI reports from PowerApps, unlocking many more ways to work transactionally with their data warehouses within reports.  BI creators also have simplified sharing options with their apps and reports.


Improved datasource and field selection in canvas apps

PowerApps authoring using data is getting easier with improved creation and selection of data sources, fields, and connections. The experience has been updated and search was added to help quickly find the right item. See the blog post for more details.


Fixes and improvements:

  • Components – The components feature is available for public preview in canvas apps. See the blog post for more details
  • Controls: Microphone: iOS – Audio recording is disposed of when it is added to a collection on an updated iOS device.
  • Controls: PDF Viewer – The PDF Viewer would sometimes show an error in IE.
  • Controls: Rich Text Control – When AutoHeight option is enabled, text could be cut off when displayed on the screen for some users.
  • Controls: Attachments – When an attachment control is embedded in a form, a maker can now get the name of the attachment outside of the form.
  • Controls: Combo box: IE Bug – In IE when the length of items is long in a combo box, they do not appear correctly.
  • iOS: Date Picker – When the date picker is set to disabled and played on an iOS device, the date picker is showing a blank value.
  • Data Table – ‘No options are available’ displays in Data Panel when pressing undo after reorder fields.
  • Dynamics 365 App – When a user is typing in their email address a message is showing that the email address is invalid before they are done typing.
  • Dynamics 365 App: Keyboard overlay – The keyboard covers part of the email text box on the sign in screen.
  • Model-driven App – You can now delete a Model-driven app by selecting it in the app list and clicking delete.
  • Mobile: iOS: Gallery – The gallery flickers while scrolling it to the end of it.
  • Solution Explorer: Managed solutions – All commands are now disabled for managed solutions.
  • Solution Explorer: Add Existing – Filter options are available in the add existing experience, so you can add multiple items without having to leave that experience.
  • Solution Explorer: Patch – Patch solution button will auto disappear if you clone solution for the same solution