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BCI- Business Cloud Integration Ltd

We are a Cambridge, UK based Microsoft Partner specialising in the efficiency and productivity toolset that Microsoft offers within Office 365 and Azure.

As SharePoint specialists since 2007 our team has a strong understanding of the needs of automation and data leveraging within the Document Management, Compliance, Quality Systems, and Business Process Automation areas of your business.

We use PowerApps and Flow to benefit our clients everyday.


One of the strongest new parts of the SharePoint and Data access story for business. PowerApps fits into most user stories and is so far greatly underutilised as a tool. Some of the things we have achieved with PowerApps include:

Mobile Phone Apps to add data to SharePoint lists for the mobile workforce

  • Projects Risk and Issues while on site
  • Sales data – business card scanning to CRM
  • Updating list data post meeting for Project Status data
  • Task lists and to dos
  • Approval processes on the go

Data entry forms within SharePoint Online

  • Adding records with intelligent forms to minimise meta data requirements for better user engagement with SharePoint library / list data
  • Corporate look and feel, branding, and order of data in a concise SharePoint Form


As a powerful replacement to traditional SharePoint Workflow tooling Flow is proving even more powerful. With the correct governance and policy in place Flow provides a level of end user control never-before surfaced and we are helping our clients turn that into a reality.

Flow has an unparalleled set of connectors that are constantly growing making “Business Cloud Integration” achievable with most of the popular cloud SaaS apps.

Integration and management of data within SharePoint needs design, we work with our clients to ensure that the Information Architecture and tooling supports their needs now and in the future.

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