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Re: Empty value in combobox

@gikido you can try this on the combo box card.   Filter(Choices(datasource.columnname), !IsBlank(Value))   You can also send the snap shot of what your combo box look like. 

Power Apps Lookup/SQL Server inner join not working?

I have two tables on SQL Server.   Table A: EmployeeID FollowingID StudentID 2 1 8 2 2 9 2 3 7   Table B has ten columns with the common key between the two tabl...

Re: Collection distinct items

Thanks a lot @Drrickryp  i will test next week ! have a good day

Re: Add Columns vs. Patch - both work but why would you do one method over the other - or is it a "toss up"...

@sasrsc  Either will work (as you've noticed).  However, the Patch function would be preferrable in the case of needing to do something else in the context of the adding of columns. &nb...

Re: Create more rows in calendar table

Do a full out join between the tables using the Merge Function in Power Query.

Finding the latest item price

I have a table that contains my product prices.  The table contains the product code, effective date and time of the price and the price that went into effect on that date and time.  Is the...

Re: Combo Box Populating Repeating Gallery

What are you using for the Items property of the gallery? You can set it to comboBox.SelectedItems and then the text label will just be ThisItem.DisplayName or another property of the user. Is that t...

Re: How to sort and filter Choice column

DropColumns(SortByColumns(AddColumns(Filter('FDG Personnel Tracker','Recruiting Status'.Value = "Open position" ||'Recruiting Status'.Value = "Offer preparation" ||'Recruiting Status'.Value = "Reques...

Re: AAD User Table Empty

It is set to none already:  

Refresh Data Button

Please add a Refresh Data button so you can refresh the data source from anywhere. Similar to how you just added the Publish icon to allow publishing from anywhere -   

Re: Can you use a SharePoint List as a Flow.Run parameter?

@Greg27 , You will not be able to process attachments or any other complex field type (as it is a Table) with this - I was assuming you simply had a collection of text values.   Pleas...

Re: Help with Power Query M POST to API for results?

I got this partially working using:    let url = "", body = "OutputSetId = 1137", Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents(ur...

Re: Hover.Fill for buttons

Not just for HoverFill, but also ChevronHoverBackground in dropdown controls, should be defaulted to ColorFade(Self.ChevronBackground, -20%). This would save so much time when adding new controls.

Re: Filter Gallery Items using Two Lists

I don't want the email, I want gallery to only display the items from the Metrics list that have a message and don't have email in the added column.

Re: How production, test and development environments are created

Hi @HamidBee  Let's say you're in the test phase and you're using a single environment. It isn't possible to publish the changes in the test solution to the current environment, and to also pu...

Re: Collapsing 2 rows in to 1

Hi @bchager6,   This is the standard GroupBy functionality in PBI:     Regards, John

Join us on November 16th | Power Platform Community Call

Announcing the next monthly Power Platform call coming up on November 16th at 8 AM Pacific Time. You're invited to join us for updates on the latest news and a focus on the entire Power Platform incl...

Re: Lookup similar to VLOOKUP with True in Excel

Hi @jfritz , If you do not get a Delegation warning with that (First is not Delegable, but it should not matter), then yes, that will work.

Re: Distinct Filter - Error but still works

Hi @WarrenBelz    Thank you for replying, Unfortunately, it didn't work I must be going wrong somewhere.    I have changed it to the above but still receiving the same er...

Re: Show Rows in a Gallery with the latest record on Distinct Values

@UrmilaGirish , This is an old closed post - please post a new thread, but give more details on exactly what you want and what you have attempted to date (including code)

Send email with inline image and links

Hello,   I setup a send email from Office365Outlook.SendEmailV2 on submit and everything is ok but I can't find a way to add the image in the email body and one of the hyperlinks is showing as...

Re: Patch to Dataverse table

My bad was using the wrong field  Should have been Name 😞

not able to see the update option in Card

Hi Team, i have 2 source of data(SQL Source) 1st source   TableA StockName   TataMotors   Infosys   Relience   IndianOil   ITC   ...

Re: how to edit view form mode

Hi @venky232 , You can add a view button and set the Visibility property to -> ThisItem.StatusColumnName.Value="Rejected" And OnSelect property of view icon to -> EditForm(Form1);Na...

Re: Different multiple if conditions in visible property

Hi @Mahesh005 , From what you have posted, the Visible property needs to be variabletabselected = 2 && datacardvalue.Value   Please click Accept as solution if my post ...