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Re: 256 rows limit getting rows from excel

Hello Suresh,   this works perfectly thank you !

Re: Pdf au départ de PowerApps

Hi Mona, Your understanding is completly correct. Thank you for this sad answer, it's not very easy to use ... Is there a francophone forum?

Re: Powerapps managing Sharepoint Document Library as a DMS

Hi @baxschwepo , Could you please share a bit more about your scenario? Do you want to create a folder in your SP Library using PowerApps?   If you want to create a folder in y...

Re: Color table only line by line

@Pierre-Louis  Unfortunately, the ability to control a DataTable like that is not available. You could convert to using a Gallery instead in which case you would have that ability.   ...

Share your component idea!

We are building samples! With the component feature, we will be able to provide pre-built component samples. We are composing components from existing patterns, common usages and any meaningful reu...

Re: Label dead after syntax error and then non revivable

Hi @dierenartsnl , Based on the issue that you mentioned, I have made a test on my side (PowerApps Studio version 3.19054.15), and don't have the issue that you mentioned.   Acco...

Re: CDS error writing data to entity

Please reference solved thread    @TopShelf...

Re: PowerAPPs Attachments don't work properly

Hi @ailedac  The issue you are seeing might be because the SharePoint data source is not getting refreshed once the change is made. Can you please make a change on the Submit Icon of Edit...

Re: Saving Data to Excel

It will be for New records as well as changes

Re: Saving Data to Excel

Do I need to change anything?

Re: button to submit form on one page suddenly stopped working

I am having the same issue. My app was working fine for weeks, yesterday I change the size of a label, purely cosmetic, and today my submit button will not submit. Nothing else has changed on my end,...

Re: The app didn't start correctly. Try refreshing your browser.

Hi,   could you please give us the session id? it should be in the more section of the error page.   Thanks Cherie

Re: MS Planner Test App - Pls test in different environment

Sorry, I don't know what to tell you.  It works fine for me.  If you run it in the web can you see the id in the collection?  There might be something wrong with a specific Planner buc...

Re: Issue with drop downs duplicating

Hey @Scott_P    Can you share the snippet where you are collecting the collection? What are the items that you have used for dropdown?   Can you check if you are using ClearCo...

Re: Item are not visible after refresh

Create a button and put this in the "OnSelect" property : Refresh(NameOfYourDataSource) and click it   let us know how it goes

Re: Gallery Filtering Not Working

@simms7400    The code is not working properly, maybe because you added the closing bracket at the wrong place, it is considering Status condition inside the Or clause. Please use the fo...

PowerApps para Dummies como yo, ver 14, parte 1 de 2

Hola, en mis primeros intentos para hacer una App, creí conveniente escribir este documento. Es posible que a alguien le sirva. Saludos

Re: Launch Function

I've also tried this in the web browser and mobile client.  Both open the web browser in a new tab/Window. Have you enabled/disabled any of the advanced or preview functionality in the app?

Re: Filter collection by values of another collection.

Hi @AdamD    you can try using the below expression: Filter(Table1,Column1 in Table2.Column2).Column1 Here Table1 is my first table and Column1 is the name of its column, Same f...

Re: Filter collection by values of another collection.

Amazing how much time I've burned away searching for that simple, elegant solution. Thank you! @yashag2255 

Re: The app didn't start correctly. Try refreshing your browser.

If it gives you this error just by editing a text in a label so yes, I think it's the case to open a ticket, sorry for not fixing your problem good luck !

Targeted Notifications on Form Submission

Hi All,   I have a powerapp to allow people to add items to a sharepoint list, but I would like to tailor the notifications based on one of the data card values EG if UVR Lite 1 is selected, e...

Re: Refreshing SQL Server Schema in PowerApps

I've since found that you basically need to remove the Data Source to that table or view and re-add it to have changes reflected. However, the Data Connection to the database doesn't need to be chang...

Re: Autofill Manager, Team lead, Assistant Manager from ComboBoxes

I found a thread that contains a formula that helps with the error,   [If(!IsBlank(DataCardValue21.Selected.Email),Office365Users.Manager(DataCardValue21.Selected.Email).DisplayName)]   ...

Reset Power BI filters after PowerApps update

Hi the group,   I have created a Power BI dashboard with many tables to visualize the tracking of goods. The more you apply filters and the less you have have goods visible (that's logic). &...