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Can I display a list of Office365Users with SearchUserV2 filtered by the field msExchHideFromAddressLists

We have a subset of employees that changes quite often, so I've created a simple Power App with a gallery and a Input Text box to search this list of users. I'm filtering the list by "Department" ea...

Re: The function 'Patch' has some invalid arguements - OnSelect Patch(

@TylerPA    I am using a mix of Choice, Single line of text and Person or Group for the SupMan column.   There are no lookup columns in play.   

Re: Filter a gallery based on a lookup column in Sharepoint which allows multiple values

@RalfsZ  I think the solution to your question can be found in @RezaDorrani 's video here: 

Re: Browse Gallery item not selected anymore

Hi @MaxBlack , Try using below updated formula -  With({_inVal: If(IsBlank(BrowseGallery1_6..Selected), First(BrowseGallery1_6..AllItems).Status, BrowseGallery1_6.Selected.Status)},...

Re: Saving cascading lookup column's distinct values in to the list and retrieving the lookup column data from the list using a power app form

@v-dezhili-msft , Thanks for the above suggestion.  This is not helping us to load cascading drop downs. If we select a particular Country, It should load only the states related to that ...

Re: Checkbox is checked based on dropdown value

@rosscortb Try in the OnChange of the dropdown If(Self.Selected.Value0,  Patch(collectionDemo,ThisItem,{IsChoosen:true}), Patch(collectionDemo,ThisItem,{IsChoosen:false} and ...

Re: Solution Import Fails due to missing dependency: Role

@Carrie_L, don't create it again, just add it inside the solution and then export the solution and reimport it to the testing environment.  

Teams " Employee Ideas " install issues on channel

We are having issues installing teams on one channel but other channels we are not ,  is this a permissions or license issue ?  has anyone had this issue ?

Re: Sound or Notification when Excel/Power Query refresh is complete

I use a Macro for almost all my reports however the downside is for it to work you have to turn off the background refresh for all queries and turn on the fast load option (thinking about it now you ...

Re: How to Restore to Previous Version History for SharePoint Integrated Form (Edited in PowerApps)

In both the screenshot provided by the original poster, and in my form there is no ellipses to click on to allow you to restore.

Re: Galleries snapping to top row

Thanks for starting the thread. I've been trouble shooting this issue for the last couple days and was getting nowhere until I came across this thread. After I updated my Authoring Version to the lat...

Re: Re-send an email to the same "To"s, keeping body and attachments as the original email.

I have found the solution.   Create a Flow with "When an HTTP request is received", create a new button called Resend and add it with Ribbon Workbench to the respective form ribbon. Then code ...

Re: There was a problem saving your changes. The data source may be invalid.

Hi Helen Did you ever got this issue sorted?   Regards Bhuti

Re: Transpose Help

Hi, You have to pivot your column Property attribute this way and you get your result If this post is useful to help you to solve your issue consider giving the post a thumbs ...

Re: Updating the records in dataverse custom table if there is a duplicate

5 mins for 38 rows sounds like way too much. Any chance you could share a screenshot of the flow?  

Autopopulate a Field from another Field

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some help.   I would like to have a field autopopulate from another field once I submit the form. Looking at the screenshot, I would like the Equipment Type/Dis...

Owning Team: trying to enable users to change owning team for records in Dynamics / Dataverse

Hi. I'm trying to manage the visibility of records in data verse accessed by guest users via a canvas app. I'm able to change owning business unit but not owning team for some reason.    ...

Re: Multiselection ComboBox not sending all selections to SharePoint list

if your sharepoint column is a text field, to pass the string of emails:    Concat(ComboBox1.SelectedItems, Mail&";")     I tested the rest of your setup and had no issue...

Re: Extract a specific strong from a column

Hi @possible-possum , Is this what you are looking for?  If so, you can create a conditional column as below: 

Re: Add a text with link in Excel

@v-liwei-msft  it is not clickable and only link (not hyperlink) Nay ideas?

Re: Add a text with link in Excel

@v-liwei-msft  it is not clickable and only link (not hyperlink) Nay ideas?

how to assign inventory product to company employees from asset managment application

BY this click button i want to assign laptop to emplyoee of company

Re: Ideas for a 'who is who'

You can add a search bar so you can search someone by their name, incase they don't know the face, that is practical additional feature. You can also add color, people from difrent divisions can hav...

Re: Aggregate table

Hi @omega123    I have created a sample. You can see detailed transformation steps in the sample .pbix file attached at bottom.    Best Regards, Community S...

Re: Display updates from 3 Forms from 3 pages on a Review and Submit page

Hi @zachm ,   Form modes are New except for the last one is View, just the same as yours.   Blow is the result after the second button selected:   And afte...