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Acena - Vacation Process Automation

Vacation process automation lets save time and be more productive


In order to write request for vacation, an employee had to use template and customize it on his behalf, print it and sign it. What is more, after signing an employee had to disturb his colleague, who will fill in his place while on vacation and ask for his signature (if he accepts to fill in). You think that it is over? We‘re sorry to tell that you are far from being right. After all that paper work, employee had to go to his boss and ask for his acceptance and signature. At last, employee could go to his HR manager, to give this one piece of paper with not one, but three signatures. Long process, right? And how many people were disturbed by that? If we count right, it would be four? Or even five or more, if someone is busy and you need to ask others for help. 
With automation of this process companies can save a lot of time and make vacation management process easier. That is why we decided to automate this process


We needed a solution, which is not only suitable for our process but also are: 
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive
  • Employee can find all necessary information about vacation types in one place
  • Enables people to accept the request directly in Outlook on PC or smart phones
  • Includes no paperwork


We decided to use Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Flow to automate this process and created Acena vacation requests app. Not only this app helps us to generate vacation requests easier and faster, but also employees are given additional information like: 
  • Number of left vacation days
  • Number of planned vacation days this year
  • Visible team’s planned and approved vacations over the year
  • Information about overlapping with other employee’s vacations 
  • Description of possible vacation types


By automating the process of vacation requests not only we save loads of very precious time and resources, but also automated generation of vacation orders if necessary. By using this app, we minimized chance of mistakes when employee is filling vacation request by 60 % and saved time by 4 times. 
What is more, not only employees can use this app, but company’s HR managers too. What they can do and what is the difference between these two positions on the app? 
  • HR managers have the permission to see all the request ever submitted
  • They can manage vacation requests. By manage we mean change the request information, delete the request or send it back to employee for correction or change it. 
  • HR managers can write the vacation request for employee if necessary. 
  • As an additional value to this app, with Power BI people will be able see all company employee’s vacation in calendar view.

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