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Macaw - RoomFinder

Macaw created the app RoomFinder to makes it possible for employees to search and book rooms with specific criteria.

To reserve a meeting room at a customer of Macaw an employee had to go to the room to register the room by filling in a piece of paper. This meant that they always needed to walk to the specific room and with an office of 13 floors, this resulted in lots of time inefficiency. Also, the rooms on the top floor weren’t used as much as for example the rooms on the second and third floor. And the chaos was complete when the reservation papers got lost. 

Macaw was asked to come up with a solution which enables all employees to easily find & book a meeting room. The criteria were: 

  • It needed to be a mobile app and also work on the PC/laptops
  • Easy in use
  • Works according certain booking rules: maximum duration, maximum time forward
  • These rules should be easily configurable
  • Option to confirm booking 15 min prior the booking
  • Give insights in booking behavior
  • Conform the customers branding

For booking a room Macaw created the Canvas app RoomFinder.
This app makes it possible for employees to search and book available rooms with specific criteria like:

  • Floor level
  • Room type
  • Number of persons
  • Room number
  • Start time
  • Duration
  • Facilities (e.g. beamer / screen / white board)
The app also works according the rules that that are used for booking rooms:

  • 4 hours maximum time forward
  • Maximum duration 4 hours
  • Prior to the booking the employee must confirm the booking otherwise the booking is cancelled
Interesting technical components:

  • The use of mobile PowerApps notification
  • Connection to Azure SQL as a back-end
  • A pixel perfect design
  • The solution used Microsoft Flow to manage the process
  • Power BI dashboard for historical insights

By changing the method of booking rooms from the paper to the app the following benefits are accomplished:

  • More efficient usage of the rooms throughout the building
  • Employees do not have to walk to the rooms and this saves a huge amount of time
  • Realtime insight of available rooms
  • The app is cross-platform and therefore can be used from laptop or mobile device
  • Historical usage insights in what rooms are the most/less popular

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