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Portiva - Safety Health application

The Safety Health application makes it really easy to report a Safety and Health incident or accident, you can even provide a picture for more detailed information. The goal is to prevent incidents and accidents from happening. With a better and more accurate registration you can analyze the information and take corrective measures.

Safety Health application
Safety Health is an application that is used to register incidents or accidents. The application is primarily intended to obtain a clear picture of accidents and incidents. This enables you to learn lessons and make improvements to prevent accidents from occurring. 

Registration on each location, at any time or device
The mobile app makes it easy for your organization to safely report an incident, accident, or unsafe situation. All the functions of the mobile phone can be used, such as the camera and GPS location. The application is available on any device (iOS, Android, Windows) and accessible via your own company user login (no company device needed). The app also shows some key figures after filling out the report so people are aware how many incidents and accidents have taken place in their department or organization. Creating awareness is a very important process. 

Reports and analysis
All the data is safely stored and when the registration has taken place, a workflow (Microsoft Flow) can be triggered to alert the quality manager of a department. By leveraging analytics tools like Excel or Power BI you can make dashboards and reports showing you how to lower your lost time ratios. Preventing incidents and accidents not only saves time and costs, but also can save lives.

In the Netherlands organizations are bound to the "Arbowet" this states that when there are:

  • Deathly accidents and,
  • Accidents with serious physical or mental damage 

The employer is obligated to report each case to the Health and Safety department. This application helps you register these steps and take the correct actions. Preventing such events from happening in the future.
See the dutch site for more legal information: Arbo

Widely applicable
The Safety Health application is designed specifically for the registration of (near) incidents and accidents. But the power of PowerApps can be used for other situations and branches, where there is a need to register data or access information.

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