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SpadeWorx Software Services - Visitor Registration App

Designed to automate visitor check-in process to save staff time, enhance safety, security of your facility and compliance with organization policies. Fully functional app is powered on leveraging Office 365/SharePoint Online, Microsoft PowerApps and Flow

SpadeWorx's Visitor Check-in app makes a great first impression on any visitor to your office, while saving Front-Desk staff time and improving security. It significantly enhances the overall check-in process time, compliance and accuracy of information captured with its self-registration capability.
Its integration with your O365 tenant makes it an effective tool for monitoring and tracking visitors via web portal and thus ensures safety during Emergency Evacuation management.
Visitor check-in app creates a seamless experience by welcoming guests, allowing them to check-in, and notifying the employee . 
Enhance Branding – Create your own custom branding in welcoming your visitors
Visitor Experience - Maximizes front desk's efficiency and Enhanced Visitor Experience
Improved Security – Know who is in your facility/Campus in case of an emergency. Valuable for Hospitals, Schools
Visitor Agreements -  Need your visitors to sign NDA?  Let visitors sign-in digitally.
Photos & Notifications -  Capture Visitor Photos and notify employees instantaneously. 
Customized Branding: Images, Logos and colors
Integrate with organizations Identity management system for Employee lookup
Captures Visitor Image and shares it with employee they're visiting.
Allows to configure Non-disclosure agreement if your organization visitor policy requires one.
Administrative Dashboards for Visitor data viz. Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc.
Remembers frequent visitor and intelligently offers check-in options

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