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Community Blog Highlights: February & March 2018

Headshot of article author Mackenzie Lyng

The PowerApps Community blog is a platform for you to share ideas with your peers, industry experts, and us here at Microsoft. Each month, our users share incredible content that is educational and fun! Now, let’s check out the top blogs from February and March 2018!

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Copy and Paste controls across Canvas Apps available

Headshot of article author Emma Cooper

We are excited to announce that now you will be able to cut, copy and paste canvas app controls across different apps in PowerApps web studio. This capability allows you to reuse components and designs that you have made in other apps without rebuilding and restyling. Anyone can now copy controls with their formulas and properties from another app to their own. Want to reuse that specially styled dropdown you made in another one of your apps? Copy and paste it by selecting the desired control(s), use the keyboard command Ctrl/Cmd+C, navigate to another app in the web browser, and use the keyboard command Ctrl/Cmd+V.

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Making apps accessible

Headshot of article author Filip Karadzic

With accessibility being an important aspect of all Microsoft products, PowerApps has made it possible for apps to be build in an accessible manner.  This allows the consumption experience of…

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Hawkary Pharmaceuticals: Power platform customer success story

Headshot of article author Sameer Bhangar

In this blog post we’ll look at how Mohammad Alkhawaja, a Pharmaceutical Sales Manager at Hawkary Pharmaceuticals in Iraq, digitized the reporting of daily sales visits using PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Common Data Service and Power BI. Mohammad calls this a Doctor Relationship Management (DRM) solution. Mohammad is a pharmacist by training and considers himself a self-taught tech enthusiast. He ramped up on these technologies using online training content and the community forums, and was successful at replacing their old Excel-based process into a mobile solution with medical sales reps submitting data through a tablet app and managers viewing rich aggregated reports in Power BI.

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