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Building multilingual apps in PowerApps

This tutorial will teach you how to use an Excel table that stores all the translations, and then perform lookups in those translations in the places in the app where you need to display a string to the user.

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New PowerApps Mobile apps for iOS and Android available for preview

We have re-written our mobile apps from ground up to be more performant. We are close to releasing these new apps to the app store. Before we do that, we would love to have you try the beta version of PowerApps Mobile, run your apps, and provide us feedback before we release. Please use this form to sign-up for beta of PowerApps Mobile for iOS and Android:

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Announcing New Office Template series

With its breadth of scope and depth of data, Microsoft Graph is quickly becoming the go-to API for app makers looking to increase productivity and build for business scenarios. The PowerApps team is…

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