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Re: NewForm(EditForm1) keeps containing info from last session

It worked but I had to change the ';' to a '+' sign: Back()+ResetForm(EditForm1)

Re: Solved: How to save captured images in SharePoint

I ran into some issues myself with the same. make sure the multiline text field that you are useing in share point is plain text. If you use the rich text option it does not convert back to an image.

Re: How can I create and use a hash

Hi Don,   Have you seen this documentation about Microsoft Translator: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/tutorials/connection-microsoft-translator/ And also this documentation about Lo...

Re: Search() Column is not text format

I had this problem as well, I had to use the filter method that allows to use non text values. The worst thing to use this method is that you have to compare if there is blank or not, if it's blank y...

Re: Repeating Tables - Status changed to: Started

Thank you for your feedback! Much work is being done to facilitate form based controls. We will keep you updated as the work progresses.   In the meantime, you should already be able to sum ro...

How to: show/hide a text hint

I've created a Powerapp with survey questions. Each question has additional information/hints but in order to keep things clean I want to hide this text by default and give the user a button to open...

Re: How can be used one app developed in PowerApps used for both Phone and Tablet

Thanks  Mabel Mao,   for the confirmation.   Regards, Siva

Re: ThisItem.Author.DisplyName shows as i:0#.f|membership|

Hi Siva,   If you are using the SharePoint list connection to create the app automantically, then f or a CreatedBy column in SharePoint list, specify ThisItem.Author.DisplayName in the te...

Re: Login issues to Mobile PowerApps App Android 6.0.1

Thank you, the user testing for me is in the UK. Can you please clarify the steps for; You could get your Session ID under:File>Account>Diagnostics>Session Details. Where is file in An...

Re: Method to Remove items from local Collection

Try to replace "," with ";"   Regards,

Re: How to remove/delete a collection?

Clear function should work for you for delete all records in the collection and no just one.   Something like this: Clear(Collection1)   You can use it in a "OnClick" property of a butt...

Re: Method to Remove items from local Collection

What kind of information do you have in your gallery? I try to reproduce your problem but in my case it is working. This is what I did.   On property "OnVisible" of the screen: Collect(test;[1...

Re: Login and Record Level Security

Hi Audrie, Thank you for your answer. Users will be both within and outside of my organization.   Is it possible to register users outside of my organization in the AAD? If there is some...

Re: Search() Column is not text format

Hey @DanNik     Normally it should, like in my case if I had a sandwich with cheese and bacon and another one with bacon and some other sandwiches and I search for "Ba"  it wi...

Re: Image Not showing in Mobile or IE

I am using url like   https://outlook.office.com/owa/service.svc/s/GetPersonaPhoto?email=UserFirstName.LastName%ABC.com.au&size=HR240x240&sc=1245874584   Thanks  

Re: Allow PowerApp shortcuts to be "installed" on a device

 Thanks PowerApps team! this is an awesome new feature!

Re: Developer Catalogue - Status changed to: Started

The current catalog of apps is the AppSource. Read more about AppSource here: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/tutorials/app-source/   Over the next few months we'll be sharing much more...

Re: Get Device Info in PowerApps - Status changed to: Under Review

App.Version and App.Device (in addition to App.ActiveScreen) is under review.   Thank you, Audrie

Re: support for chatbot. allow ordinary user to build a simple chatbot app and deploy it in PowerApp

Apps are so 5ive years ago.     https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1250/1*uWazn9njqh01o6nhoGKUMw.jpeg  

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Re: Login issues to Mobile PowerApps App Android 6.0.1

Thanks Mabel, Session ID: 6a18c13f- 8eb1-dba9-4643-0e43ad7d2d7c They are located in India, I am testing with a different user now.   They tried logging in through Android and iOS with n...