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Re: PowerApps Gallery Filtering Activities by Contact Owner

Hi @nvarney    Could you please share more details of your situation? What data source do you use? And what is the column type? Could you please share more details of your datasourc...

Re: People Field on sharepoint list doesn´t be accesible from gallery

Hi @sfiorentino ,   Did you make sure that "To" column in a single value Person and Group column? If you have enabled multiple selection for this column setting, then a Label contr...

Re: Differences between Collect and Patch Default

Hi @Marcelo_br , The Collect function and Patch functon both could save a new record into a data source. But Collect function could not be used to modify an existing record within your da...

Re: Display filtered value in label

Hi @kullurumanoj    Do you test with @RandyHayes 's suggestion? If it works ok, please accept it as solution.   Best Regards. Yumia

Re: Collection Reference for OnVisible

My apologies for the delay. I've completed as requested. 

Re: PowerApp not editable anymore, Formula bar stuck showing FirstScreen.Fill

@SaWu Sorry for not responding sooner.  There has been few on-going issues the last couple of days with Gallery control.  Any attempt to publish early last week or since Friday may hav...

Re: Filtering out Gallery items based on another Gallery.

@_Corey_, thanks again for the updates and all the work in getting the gallery issues resolved! It is appreciated!

Re: View designer - Provide your feedback to the team!

Thanks @Scooter. Can you provide an example? The view designer supports both filtering by lookup and contains/does not contain data operators.

Re: View designer - Provide your feedback to the team!

@Rebecca-MSFT not right now but we do want to extend the benefits for model-driven forms and views beyond model-driven apps.

Re: When is a SharePoint folder created for a new CDS entity record?

Thanks, @v-yutliu-msft, for your input. I'm not looking to add an attachment to a SP List record.  My entity records are in CDS with SharePoint Doc management configured so each entity has...

Re: Filtering out Gallery items based on another Gallery.

Final update: A hotfix to address the issue has been successfully deployed. The updated Studio version is v3.19052.20.115177617. You will need to edit your app(s) in Studio and re-publish for the fix...

Re: problem in creating combo box in edit form

@bababalush    Your formula for the Concat is a little should be as follows:    Concat(ComboBox1.SelectedItems, Result & ",") This will give you a comma separ...

Re: Help with SQL count please

In the flow, to the left of  "output x", what is that symbol and how do I get it there?

Re: Is there a restriction on buttons in datacards or barcode objects ?

In my defence it'd been a long day - you were bang on!  I hadn't unlocked the remaining 4 cards, so they didnt work   Thanks :-)   Now, if I can just get the datacard value to imme...

Re: DisplayName - Is it possible to edit ?

@RandyHayes  Worked perfectly !! Thanks so much !   

Move existing JS based Code to Power App Models Driven App ?

Hi Guys,   I am pretty new to this Powerapps environment. I need some directions. I have some JS file through which i have created certain screens inside Project and SharePoint Online. Now, us...

Re: A bug has occurred since the last version of powerapps (3.19052.19)

@_Corey_ @v-xida-msft  : Just a reminder for informing us once the deployment fix rollout is complete.  Kind Regards, Rayno

Re: Submit and Stay on the same form in Edit Mode

Hey!   As @v-xida-msft has suggested,    please make the following changes in addition in the powerapps form editor in respective places:    On Success: Set(...

Re: Use scan function to save in an excel

Hi @DanilloHCS , Could you please share a bit more about the QRCode Scan function that you mentioned? Is it the Barcode scanner control within PowerApps? Could you please share a bit mo...

Re: Issue while creating the new entity

is there any particular permission requires. Or can you provide some screenshot of all the required permission ?

Re: Access your app and edit via desktop, impossible.

Hi @Framefreaks88 , Please clear your browser cache and reopen the PowerApps platform. Try another computer to edit your app. If the problem still exist, you could ask for help here: ht...

Re: Access as anonymous user

Hi Yasmeen,   The short answer is no.. at the moment you can't create PowerApps that can be accessed anonymously. But, you can however combine PowerApps, Flow and Microsoft Forms and do exactl...

Re: Working with collections and adding columns which reference other new columns

Rather than using the calculated data in your new column, try using the origional source.    So instead of using D in the formula, use (A x B) 

Re: A bug has occurred since the last version of powerapps (3.19052.19)

Me too, Brutus.   Apps are working ok in run mode, only failing in edit mode.  None of the variables or collections get any values since PA version  3.19052.19 went live.  Seems...

Minimum System Requirement For windows Tablets

Hi   I would like to know what are the minimum system requirements to run powerapps on windows tablets. I have tried it on some tablets with windows 10, and it refused to install, it mentioned...