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New! “Friday Functions” series helps you to master formulas!

Headshot of article author Audrie Gordon

Have you been craving a better understanding of formulas and functions? Have you reached out to me for help and asked for tutorials too? Well, ask and you will receive! The new Friday Functions Video Series is for serious PowerAppers like myself that want to become ninjas at using functions and formulas!

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Deprecating the Entity form control (experimental feature) for Common Data Service (Previous Version)

Headshot of article author Anees Ansari

Several months ago we released the Entity Form control as an experimental feature. The Entity Form control was aimed at helping app authors quickly and easily add forms to apps without having to build them from scratch. A huge thanks to all of you for trying out the control in various scenarios. Based on all the great feedback we received from you, we diligently worked to incorporate the features of the Entity Form control in other commonly used PowerApps controls, namely the Gallery, Data table, Display form and Edit form control.

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Announcing availability of custom forms, multi-value choice and read-only attachments support for SharePoint with PowerApps

Headshot of article author Ankit Saraf

Announcing the availability of Custom SharePoint forms with PowerApps for SharePoint First Release tenants. We are also making multi-value choice, person & lookup column support available today in addition to support for read-only attachments from SharePoint lists.

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Next in the Office Template series: Shoutouts

Headshot of article author Emma Cooper

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the newest addition to the Office Template series: Shoutouts. Like the Out of Office app, it is a brand new template, available to customize, use as is, customize or use as an inspiration to build your own powerapp. By using the PowerApps Office 365 Outlook connector, and Office 365 Users connector, the app allows you to utilize the power of Microsoft APIs to better connect to and appreciate your peers.

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Enrich your data with Dun & Bradstreet and the Common Data Service (Previous version)

Headshot of article author Clay Wesener

We are excited to announce the US release of D&B Optimizer from Dun & Bradstreet today. D&B Optimizer will take Account (Customer) data stored within the Common Data Service and using Flow, match each account against the Dun & Bradstreet database of over 280 Million global businesses to retrieve their Business Profile. Once the Business Profile is returned and stored within the Common Data Service it can be used for data quality and analytics.

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