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Sharing PowerApps with multiple users

Today, we rolled out a new feature. You can share an app with a set of users in the company by simply copy and paste their names or emails instead of typing the full name for each individual user. Previously, you can only type in a single user at a time. If you paste a list … Continue reading “Sharing PowerApps with multiple users”

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Solutions in PowerApps

As you have learned from an earlier announcement today, you now can leverage the Solution system for canvas apps. This feature greatly enhances our current App Lifecycle story, allowing you to easily transport canvas apps and other components from one environment to the other…

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Create an app from PowerApps templates

Templates are quick ways to create your apps with data. We currently have 2 templates ‘Budget Tracker’ and ‘Site Inspection’. This blog post offers guidance on choosing the right template, walks you through the steps to create an app from a template, and shows you how to clear sample data so you can make the app your own.

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