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Headshot of article author Tristan Dehove

We built Power Apps on Windows (General Available since June 2022) so that your apps can take advantage of advanced device capabilities and offline support from your PC or tablet. We’ve added some great new features that we’d like to share with you. What’s new? Recent and pinned apps. Find recent apps and pin favorite…

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Headshot of article author Dimpi Gandhi

Microsoft is a leader in enterprise low-code application platforms. We’re excited to announce that our first 18 learners have successfully graduated from the Microsoft Power Up Program, a 12-week skilling program designed to enable non-technical professionals to successfully advance their careers with low-code application development using Microsoft Power Platform technologies. Congratulations, graduates! Power Up Program popularity…

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Headshot of article author Daniel Laskewitz

Today, we are announcing the Power Platform communication site template. The Power Platform communication site template is a SharePoint communication site that provides you with a starting point of content and page templates as you’re setting up your internal Power Platform wiki and hub site. This communication site is designed to be the place where the Power Platform maker and user community within your organization can find the news and resources they need, including digital governance and compliance guardrails, upcoming events, success stories and more.

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