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May and June Webinars: Connecting to On-Premises Data, Deploying PowerApps, and more!

We’ve got a great lineup of webinars planned for May and June! Attend these free sessions to gain expertise in PowerApps, and learn more about how Power BI and Microsoft Flow can help improve your organization’s processes without a lot of overhead. Most of our webinars are delivered through YouTube, and you can subscribe to my channel to get notifications about all of these events. These webinars can also be viewed on-demand on YouTube after the event, if you’re not able to be a part of the live presentation. Check out what we’ve got planned!

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Community Webinars in March and April: Getting Started with Forms, Common Data Services, Media Controls, PowerApps In-depth, and more!

We have an exciting selection of webinars coming up over the next few months! Whether you’re new to PowerApps or an application expert — or anyone in-between — we’ve got the perfect free webinar for you, featuring experts from both Microsoft and your community. See what we have planned for Spring!

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