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Introducing the Creator Kit – Efficiently create performant Fluent UI based Power Apps

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We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback since our initial release in May, and today we’re excited to be formally introducing the Creator Kit – ready to be used in production applications!

The Creator Kit, published by the Microsoft Power CAT team, is a collection of 24+ Fluent UI controls and templates for Power Apps makers to create delightful app experiences more rapidly.

Creator Kit on Power CAT Live YouTube video

What’s included

The Creator Kit is distributed in three managed solutions, each containing unique components:

All controls and components included in the kit use the Fluent UI framework to help easily create consistent, beautiful, and effective user experiences for custom business applications.

Creator Kit (CreatorKitCore)

A solution that contains the core components of the Creator Kit:

Display name Type Status

See the control reference for all updated controls and their status.

You will notice some components are marked as preview or experimental. Preview is tagged for controls added recently, and experimental is if an underlying platform capability a component depends on is not generally available (e.g., canvas components are not supported in custom pages).

Reference Solutions

These solutions provide templates and utilities for building with Creator Kit components in canvas apps vs custom pages (embedded in Model Driven apps).

CreatorKitReference (MDA)CreatorKitReference (Canvas)
Contains references for developing Model Driven apps with custom pages and the Creator Kit components. A standalone Power Platform license is needed to play these assets.

Includes the Reference App (shown in the screenshot below) and a custom page template.
Contains references for developing canvas apps with the Creator Kit components. A standalone Power Platform license is not needed to play these assets.

Includes a Reference App, a canvas template app, and a Fluent Theme Designer app.

Animated Gif Image
Creator Kit Reference App (click image for animation)

Each reference solution contains a reference application that lets you interact with each component and see the underlying formulas that render it. It’s a great way to quickly learn how the components behave and are implemented.

Real world scenarios

Custom Outlook Panel

The kit components were used created a flyout experience in the Outlook web app using the Panel, Elevation, and Icon controls. Posted by Mats Necker.

Creator Kit components being used in a custom Outlook Power App

“As someone coming more from a developer background the Creator Kit is amazing for me, it speeds up my canvas app development/design while making my apps look A LOT more professional!”

Mats Necker
CTO bei knk Customer Engagement GmbH

CoE Starter Kit Environment Management refresh

The Environment Creation Request experience to view a request in detail, migrated into a custom page. part of the CoE Starter Kit.

Environment Request refresh from the CoE Starter Kit

Get Started

Start using the Creator Kit by reading the setup instructions.


Report bugs in our GitHub repository issues. Our team will triage issues with the Creator Kit components. See our support documentation for more guidance.

Report a bug


We host our backlog in the GitHub repository to make our roadmap publicly available. We largely depend on community feedback to prioritize feature development and continued investment in the kit.

Upvote (?) backlog items you would like to see in the kit next to help our team determine the demand for each component. Work that is committed will be associated with a specific release.

You can also submit a feature request if the backlog does not have the Fluent UI components or capabilities you need.

Share feedback

Everyone benefits from the Creator Kit

The kit provides many improvements that affect Power Platform makers, users, and admins:

  • Makers can focus efforts on building the problem-solving features of an application. The cohesive Fluent UI design makes it easier to make custom pages look more consistent and like model driven apps. You don’t need to be a front-end prodigy – or have budget for a design team – the kit will help you make stunning apps with the latest and most contemporary designs.
  • Users will interact with the cohesive set of components that are intuitive and familiar (same controls used in all modern Microsoft applications). The components provide a performance boost which also provides a better user experience, which can help users be more productive while using your apps.
  • Administrators who must govern UI consistency within an organization benefit from the modern theming architecture that Fluent UI provides inherently in the kit’s components. The components are developed and supported by dedicated engineering teams at Microsoft, so companies can deploy apps with Creator Kit components into production with confidence.

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