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Power Apps streamlined consent dialog begins rollout this week.

Headshot of article author Lance Delano

We are excited to announce that a new streamlined Power Apps consent dialog is rolling out this week (April 15.)  This update consolidates key consent information, removes confusing UI, and makes it much easier to understand the exact consent a Power Apps app actually needs.  Previously, many of the consent descriptions exceeded the permissions that were actually needed.

Initially these changes are limited to the web – mobile and native will get these updates later. The updated dialog includes the previous improvement of showing only specific actions used by the app – rather than listing all the actions possible by the connector.  Additionally, now the permissions are shown in-line. Tabular connector actions (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) are listed in-line. Action connection capabilities are listed line by line.

The consent dialog performs two tasks. First it gets all of the connections ready for the app. Once all the connections are ready, it then asks for consent.  If all the connections are ready to begin with, then the consent dialog simply lists the actions necessary for the app and asks the user to allow them.

updated consent dialog showing all connections ready with allow button enabled.

However, if there are sign in issues, they must first be resolved before consent can be given.  For instance, if the user has never logged in to a site, the consent dialog will first ask the user to sign in.

Image of the updated consent dialog with one button asking for the user to sign in (for the first time.) Shows granular consent details.

Or, if a previously successful connection has failed for some reason, the UI shows a “Try again” button.
updated consent dialog #2. Showing the need to "try again" as previous credentials / sign in failed.
Once all connections for the app have been established, then the user can then consent.   Users can switch accounts by using the ellipses (‘…’.)  The combination of the previous improvements and this new streamlined experience will make this overall experience much easier to understand.