These webinars can help you to leverage the features and functions of Microsoft PowerApps. Please feel free to suggest additional topics in the comments under this topic.

Upcoming webinars

Top 5 Tips for Designing Apps that Mean Business
by Audrie Gordon
June 27th, 10:00AM PST, 1:00PM EST

This demonstration will give you an advantage as an app builder or designer; optimizing change management, and reducing the number of formulas you’ll need to configure:
- Learn to build 3 object relationships that help you to edit once, and ripple changes throughout your apps (aka “styling” your apps) - Learn to pass parameters from one screen to the next (limits number of screens needed and can improve performance) - Learn to document your app to facilitate knowledge transfer, and/or team iterations!

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Application Lifecycle with the new Save and publish options in PowerApps
by Karthik Bharathy
July 11th, 10:00AM PST, 1:00PM EST

In this session, app authors will learn how they can control what users see when there are multiple revisions of the app from authors. We will also look at saving apps, publishing apps, and restoring versions in this walkthrough.

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Pro Tips for Connecting to Excel on OneDrive for Business from PowerApps
by Audrie Gordon
July 18th, 10:00AM PST, 1:00PM EST

Excel users we’ve heard your requests, and we’re excited to share a collection of best practices for anyone connecting to Excel data. We’ll focus on create, read, update, and delete formulas with Excel…and give you several shortcuts along the way!

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Rapidly Build Applications with PowerApps Studio
by Karthik Bharathy
July 25th, 10:00AM PST, 1:00PM EST

PowerApps Studio comes with a host of new capabilities allowing users to rapidly build applications. In this walkthrough, app authors will use the latest Studio capabilities to quickly build production applications without having to invest in a lot of learning.

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Overview of PowerApps Feature Releases for 2017
by Darshan Desai
August 1st, 10:00AM PST, 1:00PM EST

It’s hard to keep up these days with the product team releasing new features every single sprint! Let’s take a step back and review the long list of new features released thus far this year….you won’t be disappointed!

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Past webinars

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App Designer Topics

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