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Introducing canvas components

I am very excited to announce that canvas components are now available in production as an experimental feature! Canvas components make it easier to build reusable controls, such as navigation menus and dialogs. The ‘master’ / ‘instance’ behavior makes it easy to reuse them as building blocks inside the app or shared between apps. Why components? … Continue reading “Introducing canvas components”


SaveData and LoadData Unleashed

Some big news!   Or at least much bigger news. Canvas app SaveData and LoadData functions are now only limited by the amount of available app memory and local storage on a device.  The previous limit of a few megabytes no longer applies.   This is a huge improvement that will increase the stability of any app that … Continue reading “SaveData and LoadData Unleashed”

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PowerShell scripts to discover PowerApps and Flows with specific features

As the number of users, apps and flows in a tenant grows, it can be hard to manage what connections are being used by which apps and flows. Use the PowerShell scripts below, which are built with the PowerApps and Flow Administration module, to discover which PowerApps and Flows use specific features like custom connectors/APIs, … Continue reading “PowerShell scripts to discover PowerApps and Flows with specific features”

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Power Platform World Tour in Silicon Valley, CA on February 19-20th

Learn about the latest Power Platform innovations straight from the source and transform the way you use do business by attending the Power Platform World Tour in Silicon Valley, CA on February 19-20. You’ll learn how to bring your company through the digital transformation by gaining new understandings of your data and deepening your knowledge … Continue reading “Power Platform World Tour in Silicon Valley, CA on February 19-20th”

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Do you sell your apps? We’d like to talk to you!

Are you an Independent Software Vendor?  Have you built a PowerApps App that wasn’t custom-built for a specific organization? We want to meet with you to learn more about how you work, and how we can make PowerApps work better for you and others like you! If you fit this description and are willing to … Continue reading “Do you sell your apps? We’d like to talk to you!”

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More Regular Expressions for Canvas apps

For regular readers of this blog, you may recall a blog post by Carlos Figueira on working with SQL server time values.  In it, Carlos used the Mid, Find, Substitute, and other functions to parse an ISO 8601 duration string such as “PT2H1M39S” which represents 2 hours, 1 minute, and 39 seconds. Carlos’ solution works great … Continue reading “More Regular Expressions for Canvas apps”

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On-premises data gateway management in the Power platform admin center

We are excited to launch the public preview of the Data Gateway feature on the Power platform admin center; This feature provides tenant admins with visibility into all On-premises data gateways within their organization and also management capabilities. On-premises data gateway Once you log in as a tenant admin, click on Data Gateway on the … Continue reading “On-premises data gateway management in the Power platform admin center”

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Seeking Feedback From Model-Driven Form Designer Users

Do you have experience with Model-Driven Form Designer? If so, we would love to hear from you! We are conducting a short survey to help us make Model-Driven Form Designer controls more easily findable. If you have 15-20 minutes, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Model-Driven Form Designer Survey Thank you for making PowerApps better!

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Converting the Shoutouts template to SQL Server

App templates in PowerApps are a great way to jump start the creation of an app that can be deployed in your tenant. Those templates create a polished, finished app, and in many cases it creates an Excel file so that the app can be used right away – and in most scenarios the app … Continue reading “Converting the Shoutouts template to SQL Server”

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