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Scenario 2: Collect customer feedback in SharePoint after order delivery


In today’s digital world, organizations use and work with several applications for multiple different reasons. Often, data is stored and maintained in different applications and exchange of data…

Extending Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with PowerApps Blog Series


Extending Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with PowerApps

Display names enter Preview for Canvas apps


Have you noticed that when you create a custom field in the Common Data Service for Apps that all the fields are all prefixed with cr5ca_ or some other random string and spaces are stripped? …

New! “Friday Functions” series helps you to master formulas!


Have you been craving a better understanding of formulas and functions? Have you reached out to me for help and asked for tutorials too? Well, ask and you will receive! The new Friday Functions Video Series is for serious PowerAppers like myself that want to become ninjas at using functions and formulas!

PowerApps Q2 update: the ‘power user’s dream’ that is transforming business processes across industries


Microsoft PowerApps continues to gain momentum as the platform of choice for rapidly developing business applications. Here is a round-up of the key new advancements in the last quarter.

Announcing the NEW PowerApps User Group!


History was made at the recent Microsoft Business Application Summit where we launched the PowerApps User Group and hosted our first PowerApps User Group meeting! It was an event to remember, opening exciting opportunities to network and expand adoption!

Faster authoring canvas and an easier way to click and move buttons while editing apps


In the latest release, we made a significant update to the way the canvas is rendered that will improve authoring performance and to better align it with the actual experience of end users. While…

Themes update adds new Office themes and contrast compliant colors


Part of an apps identity, look and feel is its theme. Not only the colors that are chosen, but also where they are applied. Each design language is slightly different. The existing PowerApps standard…

Update for PowerApps: Enabling single sign-on and more


We released an update to PowerApps yesterday. This update contains a number of features as well as fixes that address feedback we’ve received from users. Below is list of what’s new.

Create an app automatically from your data in PowerApps


Automatically create an app by connecting PowerApps to your existing data sources like a list on SharePoint Online, an Excel file on OneDrive for Business, a table in Salesforce, and many more.

Cloud Flow connections in App

Greetings,   I created a simple App and would like to have an email sent to a group email account when a co-worker adds a new row to a Dataverse table. I've tried creating a Cloud Flow outside...

Re: Number Formats

@StretchFredrik Thanks for the response

Do different action based on Multiple conditions using IF AND OR

It seems as if the first part of the "If" always executes even if this part is false. dtbl_MyRequests.Selected.Large_Bid_Category = "Block_Track_Code"     when i select a row in a datat...

Re: Sort with Distinct and Filter Not Working

I just threw some data together and tested over here.  Try something like this: SortByColumns(Distinct(Filter(MyTable,Shift=Select_Shift.Selected.Result,Area=Select_Area.Selected.Result),Name),...

Video control doesn't display closed captions

I'm trying to amend the issues shown in the Accessibility area of the app checker for my app. I've been able to fix everything except for the video captions issue. It asks me for a url to place in th...


Difinity is the largest Microsoft Data, AI, Power BI, Power Platform and Business Applications Conference in New Zealand. Celebrating its 5 th anniversary in 2022, this exciting and dynamic event ...

Re: [$-en-US] codes

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Re: Hide a card in a from

Oooo I like the idea but how do I do that?

Re: Send image via email using a flow

@Pstork1    This is what I am getting     The html text I am using    

Lookup Second (then third, fourth etc.) Result

I have 10 textboxes that I want to populate based on a dropdown. In the first box I'm using a simple Lookup: LookUp(MyTable, Area = Select_Area.Selected.Result, JobAbbr) which works fine. In the s...

Re: Creating SLA report on basis of status

Thanks for the reply, it is what I was looking for. But you are using the minimum and change date time not created time, we need to get the deals touched in first 30 minutes and deals not touched in ...

Re: Caching API access token

I solved it by creating a workspace dedicated to the access token and the API data requests via dataflows.    Create a workspace Create a dataflow for the access token Simply copy / p...

Leave Request App Template replacing OneDrive Excel data with Sharepoint List

I am trying to use the leave request template app but I have to use the sharepoint list for my datasource.   I have tried to create SP list 'RequestOverlaps' and tried to replace it but I get ...

Re: Only the last selected item in combobox is showing

Thanks for your reply ,    I even tried that one before but same result, only the last selected item is showing in combobox label when the form is opened in edit mode  I was wonderi...

How to hide a label when another label is showing

Hi, how can I hide a label if another label is showing.   I have the following scenario, case example 1, which is a progress bar, depending on the number of checkboxes selected, if the sum of ...