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PowerApps 支持

  • Resolved: We have identified an issue with certain SharePoint list forms customized with PowerApps that remain stuck on the loading screen and are in the process of releasing a fix. This issue only happens if your custom form has a formula which accesses data in OnStart event. As a temporary workaround, you can move the formula from OnStart to SharePointIntegration.OnView/OnEdit/OnNew events. This issue was resolved as of 6/21/2018 6:00 PM UTC
  • Resolved: Users were unable to refresh data sources in PowerApps Studio. We have addressed the root cause and the issue is now resolved. Please close PowerApps Studio and reopen your app to ensure you are using the latest version. This issue was resolved as of 6/19/2018 7:00 PM UTC



  1. 连接数据时遇到问题?
    • Excel 数据必须使用表格格式。

    • 如果分享具有来自 OneDrive 的数据的应用,别忘了与组织共享文件夹。

    • 遵循这些说明来管理数据连接。

  2. 登录/注册时需要帮助?
  3. 如何从库中删除项?