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Armanino LLP - Workspace Scheduler

Enable users to schedule shared workspaces and offices in local or remote locations to maximize efficiency.

Workspace Scheduling

Many companies have available “hoteling” or flexible workspaces for out-of-town employees to use while they are visiting.  Often these workspaces are underutilized because employees are not aware that they exist or whether they are already occupied. It may also be common that travelling executives or managers may only use their assigned offices occasionally rather than daily.  The ability to utilize these unoccupied workspaces can be a major cost-savings for a company over leasing additional office space. 

This application arose from a need to manage and maximize the use of these workspaces, and it’s customizable to your company’s unique needs.  While its original use was to enable workspace scheduling, anything can be set up and reserved through the app. A searchable reservation management screen allows users to search, edit and delete entries.

Feature Highlights

Unlimited locations and workspace types such as “Office”, “Desk”, Conference Room”, etc. can be defined within the application. 

There are three levels of security defined for the application. Users will only see menus, screens and data that are allowed for their level:
  • Admin Users – Can manage all data in the application.
  • Workspace Owners – Can manage access to their own workspace.
  • Users – Can create, view and manage their own reservations.

This app will run on most iOS, Android and Windows devices.  There is also a compact mobile version available that shares the same data and can be used simultaneously.

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