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Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt ltd - Atithi-VisitorManagement

Atithi-Visitor Management

To manage visitor record and their visiting purpose in an organisation, an automated solution was required to save time, manual and paper work.
Atithi-Visitor Management replaces the traditional paper-based visitor system with easy to use PowerApp solution.
This module acts as an online register which can be placed as a Kiosk for visitors to register, get their photo and ID scanned and marked in.
Atithi-Visitor Management has 2 more modules as separate apps for Staff and Admin. The staff module lets the staff know who is visiting with their details. The admin module is used to see various reports like who all are in the campus and visitor turnout over a period of time.

Solution Delivered:
We created a Canvas Power app to be used by the security staff of the organisation who can enter the information of the visitor like name, address, photograph, contact person etc..
Once the entry is confirmed, contact person will get notified via the app.
We also created an admin to manage the record of the visitors to analyze the weekly, monthly or yearly record of the visitors and their purpose. Admin can also check out the visitors if they haven’t checked out yet. 

Value Added:
Easy and automated tracking of visitors
Increased user productivity with online access and automation features
Low maintenance cost and reduced overall cost of ownership
Client can effectively manage visitors using this PowerAapp within low budget

Technology  used:
User Interface: Canvas Power App
Application Layer: Microsoft Flow
Database: SharePoint

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