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EnkayTech - Expense Reporting and Reimbursement App

An app for employees to report and get reimbursed for client based expenses


Prior to having this app, our employees scanned and uploaded receipts to SharePoint and sent emails.  Managers sent emails and forwarded the approval to accounts for reimbursement to employees.  'Buried in mail' was a scenario that resulted in employees not getting reimbursed in a timely manner. Lack of visibility impacted stakeholder’s ability to gain insights into the burn rate of their project’s budget.


This solution was built in PowerApps using Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and Common Data Service for Apps (for the back-end data). This is fully integrated with Active Directory and Office365.


  • Role based routing - Uses current AD groups and Office365 for routing emails to managers for approval
  • Role based view - Managers get to view all expenses for their project team. Team members can only see their expense submissions
  • Email Notifications – expense submitters are notified via email when an expense is approved or rejected by the manager
  • Intuitive dashboard - color-coded (black, yellow, red, and green) dashboard that shows the status of expense submissions
  • Insights – gain insights to expense submission via Power BI
  • Mobility –using the mobile app employees can scan and submit expenses anywhere and everywhere
  • Offline capability is available – don’t have to always be connected to the internet
  • This app can be connected to any back-end data like SharePoint, SQL (on-premises or cloud)
  • Can be connected to back-end accounting and payroll applications for payment

Other potential use case:

  • Field service technicians – capture an image and order replacement parts that require review and approval by their field service managers

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