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Infosys Ltd - Guest Check In

The check-in App, developed by Infosys, provides a fast & hassle-free way for the hospitality industry to register guests.

Guest Check-In App

The Guest Check-In App, developed by Infosys, provides a fast and hassle-free way for the hospitality industry to register guests. The app facilitates organizations to analyze/provide insights participant portfolio, interests, track communication preferences, and also to reach out to a participant in case there is a need for further communication.
Business Case

It can be challenging for organizations to systematically capture attendee details whenever they have organized a major campaign / consumer connect event that entails participants across various profiles & industries.

In most events, participants are asked to enter their details offline or even manually. This results in a high probability of partially filled, incorrect, or duplicate attendee data getting captured. It also restricts free flow of communication between the two parties (organizer and participant) post the event and also results in non-focused communications.


Benefits to Business

• Better lead management for businesses with a cloud-based centralized digital repository for storing attendee details. These details can be used later to analyze the participant/end consumer profile for these events and also for future focused correspondence with participants post the event.
• The App is database agnostic, which provides business with a variety of repository options for storing end user data, and more importantly can be accessed through the device of choice (including mobile and tablet)
• Minimal margin for error with validations for eliminating duplicate customer data, capturing all the required participant profile details

Benefits to End User
• Ability to perform group check-in for all the members of a team at once, as well as individual check-in
• Simplified UI and easy registration process
• Ability to edit user details before check-in to ensure the most recent data of the participant is captured

Future Enhancements

• Ability to send a calendar invite to participants for the event prior to check-in
• Participant tags print out functionality for users from the App after check-in
• Ability to mail participants a link to capture their feedback after the conclusion of the event
• Capture loyalty point for guest check ins

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