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Do you want to build modern and accessible apps with Power Apps? Then you will love our latest updates on modern controls and theming capabilities. You can now customize the size, style, and alignment of checkboxes, radio buttons, badges, input controls, text, and buttons. You can also choose from different appearance options and change the border radius of these controls. Plus, we are adding more styling properties and new modern controls soon. Learn more about these updates and how to use them in your apps below.

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Fusion development is getting easier. Now, developers can view and use source code in a readable YAML + Power Fx format. Code view in Power Apps Studio allows a greater level of transparency for developers as they work with canvas apps as well as the ability to copy and paste code between your preferred code editor—enabling small changes in code, reuse across your apps, and sharing code with other developers and the community.

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Power Apps is making it easier for developers to build with Microsoft Copilot and each other

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Power Apps is now used by more than 25 million users every month, with an increasing number of those apps delivered by dedicated teams of professionals. We’re investing in the end-to-end experience of these developer teams, bringing together Copilot and human collaborators to be able to deliver impactful and scalable apps faster than ever.

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Announcing Power Platform Well-Architected, a comprehensive framework designed to help you maximize the value of your investments in modern enterprise application workloads with Power Platform. As organizations increasingly rely on modern applications to drive their business processes, ensuring that these applications are built on a strong, adaptable foundation is more critical than ever. Power Platform Well-Architected helps you design Power Platform workloads that are built to change and built to last.

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Environment groups and rules help admins manage multiple environments more effectively by applying consistent policies and settings across them. Admins can group related environments by any criteria and apply six key capabilities of managed environments to all of them. These include setting sharing limits for canvas apps, using AI to generate app and solution summaries, and enforcing best practices with solution checker. This ensures that all environments in a group follow the same standards and reduces the need for manual configuration. Environment routing directs new makers to their personal developer environments instead of the default one. Personal developer environments are individual workspaces where makers can build apps and solutions using Microsoft Dataverse without interfering with others’ work. Admins don’t have to worry about makers working in the default environment by mistake. Personal developer environments also come with environment-level governance settings, such as sharing limits and solution checker, making it easier for makers and admins to work in Microsoft Power Platform.

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AI models are improving rapidly, and customers need effective tools to integrate AI into their business solutions that provide precise, reliable and consistent information, and are easy to deploy. Today we are happy to announce our latest improvements to help makers integrate AI into their low-code apps and solutions. Now available as Public Preview in Microsoft Copilot Studio, data grounding with Dataverse tables allows makers to create powerful AI prompts that are grounded with their enterprise data while enforcing real time enterprise security. Additionally, we are excited to announce that low-code plugins now support five new AI Power Fx functions, and share  how Capgemini New Zealand, a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, is leveraging these new capabilities to create value for their clients and solve business problems faster than ever before.

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We are excited to announce General Availability of Block unmanaged customizations. This is an environment setting that allows Power Platform system administrators to block direct development in production environment by preventing unmanaged customizations. By blocking any unmanaged customizations and import of unmanaged solutions, admin can ensure that any changes to the environment, specifically the test and production environments, are only going through approved application lifecycle management (ALM) processes that have reliability, safety, and auditing.

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What’s new: Power Apps April 2024 Feature Update

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Welcome to the Power Apps monthly feature update! We will use this blog to share a summary of product, community, and learning updates from throughout the month so you can access it in one easy place. This month we’ve got a great set of updates for Makers, Admins, and users across Power Apps, Dataverse and Copilot.

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