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Power query strips decimals when importing decimal date

Hi,   I have an .xls data source with a column that has datetime data eg: 44834.3877777778 and I want it to read as 30/09/2022 09:18:24   But when I import into power query it...

Re: An error occurred in the ‘Sample File....

Were you able to resolve this? I'm getting the same thing. 

Re: Privilege to access model driven app

Hi @ynaing    What security roles are assigned to the model-driven app?  You can check this via the steps below.  The users must have the same security role(s) that are a...

Re: I can search my data, but I can't sort my data... Please Help?

@bm94  I'm confused...are you trying to sort the address or the date, or both?

Custom connector Power Query Windows Authentication Options

Dear Forum members, I'm developing a custom Power BI connector and I would like to know if it is possible to modify / customize the authentication options. I would like to obtain two authenticat...

Obtaining Resource Notes information from MS Project

Hello, does anyone know what is the command to export the Resource Notes (from Resource Information window) from the resource profile in MS project?  Im using MS project 2010.   Thanks

Re: Where is Insert Data table and Insert Gallery?

@Finnair  Have you looked beneath Insert > Layout (or the equivilent in your language) on the left hand menu?  

Re: Filter gallery with large data

@abc3 not works. Other solutions?

Where is Insert Data table and Insert Gallery?

This is unbelievable that I have to ask this:   Where on earth is Insert Data Table and Insert Gallery in this new diminished main menu in PowerApps Studio?! They're removed, right. Very cleve...

Re: Use Confluence data in Power BI

Take a look at Skyvia. Cloud platform for data integration beetwen Confluence and Power BI

Duplicate record getting created on the GRID instantly

Hello Everyone ,   When i am updating the Date Field , A duplicate Record is getting created on editable GRID    In the Above screenshot i tried to update the yellow field (...

Re: Submit button not working

 @rob_hanson Several issues and a question: For an form to appear when the default mode is set to edit, the Item property should have Gallery1.Selected to indicate that has data to edit.&n...

Re: Duplicate record getting created on the GRID instantly

@RGB5  It looks like your post was truncated but the important point is the Patch() command when you are editing a value in a row. 

Re: How to close tabe in browser

I am not opening tom PowerAPP, I am opening from from SharePoint site by clicking on PowerApplink.   Any other advise?   Avian

Re: Gallery acces to attachments files lost in this new updated

Hi,   This problem is solve with the new Power Apps version 3.22111.17   Regards   Seb

Re: API Query looping and not stopping at null results? Help!

Nevermind I figured it out.  It was actually returning an empty list {} of all things which was causing the loop.  Got it working now!!  

Re: Edit Form dropdown is not changing when a record in the gallery is selected

I have set Default = Parent.Default I have also tried: Gallery1.Selected.Frequency   Neither seem to work.

Re: Gallery and EditForm showing old data

@SamWW Never chain commands after SubmitForm(). They may not execute serially and you don't want them to execute at all if the form doesn't submit successfully. Instead put them in the OnSuccess pr...

How do i encrypt passwords in power apps which is saved in a Sharepoint list

Hi. I have 2 text box which is 'Username' and 'password'. In backend, i used Sharepoint list to authenticate username and password but the password is clearly visible in sharepoint list if someone ...

Loop in collection

Hi team, I would like to create 2 collections, one is Col_TableAndColumn, I used it to saving table and column name, when I click a button, the table and column name will be passed to a power a...

Re: Office365User.Searchuser Multi Select on Edit Form

Hi @AgoS401 ,   Do you want that combo box in edit form has multiple default values which selected in previous combo box?   Based on your description, you could create a c...

Re: how do i save date and time in sharepoint list

@Jupyter123 , You need a separate list for this with something like Patch( LogListName, Defaults(LogListName), { DateTimeField: Now(), QuestionNoField: YourQuestionData,...

Re: How can I create a 'tags' column for a category classification model?

Hi @HamidBee ,   The training data used to train the model from the Dataverse table should conform to the following: Store text and tags as two columns in the same table. Each ...

Re: Is there any way to see the raw data coming from the database or the queries you are submitting to the database?

Have you looked at the Power Apps Monitor.  It will let you drill down and see the actual commands being executed and the data being sent and returned.  Here's documentation on how to use i...