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Missing media on your apps? A quick fix.

Headshot of article author Evan Chaki

If you have published apps in the last 2 weeks with media files embedded, you may have noticed some of that media went missing after publish.  We have identified this as an issue and have pushed a fix to ensure this will not happen moving forward.

Follow these steps to see if you were affected by the issue:

  1. Open your App
  2. Click on File on the top left
  3. Click on Media


If the media on the right are all a size of 0 bytes, then you have the following options: Option one is to re-upload the media to your app and then publish, this will keep any current changes in your app that you have made since the last publish. Option 2 is to revert back to a past version of the published which contains the desired media; unfortunately, any changes made to the app since the last publish will be lost with this option. 

To revert back to a previous app you will need to do the following:

  1. Click on the Save button on the left menu
  2. Click the “See all versions” button (the web portal will open)
  3. Click the restore icon to revert to the previous version of the app

If you see media on the right, then this issue does not apply to your app.

We apologize for the inconvenience.