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Latest PowerApps update adds the ability to Import/Export apps, a new PowerBI tile control, and the Coalesce function

The newest update for PowerApps (version 670) adds new functionality for app authors to easily move their apps across environments or tenants with packages, surface rich analytics within their apps via the new PowerBI tile control, and reduce duplication of certain expressions with the new Coalesce function.

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Announcing PowerApps environments

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing a new concept called “environments” to PowerApps. Put simply, an environment is a space to store, manage, and share your organization’s business data, apps, and flows. Please attend the 10/27 PowerApps webinar if you are interested and want to learn more.

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PowerApps and SharePoint

PowerApps will soon be integrated within the SharePoint Online modern experience for custom lists and you will have the ability to create new apps in PowerApps using a web browser.

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