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  • 2019-01-10 15:00:00 UTC
    Customers in North America experienced issues during CDS Migration. The issue was fixed on 2019-01-10 at 20:00:00 UTC.

  • 2019-01-10 14:00:00 UTC
    Customers in the UK experienced issues accessing their apps and APIs. The issue was fixed on 2019-01-10 23:30:00 PST.

  • 2018-12-06T18:25:00-08:00: 
    On December 6th, 2018 the SQL connector experienced some issues from 10:20 to 22:15 UTC. A root cause has been identified and the issues have been mitigated.

    The SQL Server Connector is experiencing 502 errors. This was identified at 12/6 10:54am PST. We are currently investigating this issue and will report back on its health.

  • 2018-11-16T17:00:00-07:00:
    Apps that communicate with the Office365Users.UserPhotoMetadata may experience an error: "No user found with the specified id.\r\nclietnRequestid Office365Users."

    At this time, please use Office365Users.UserPhotoV2() to retrieve a user's photo rather than the combination of Office365Users.UserPhotoMetadata and Office365Users.UserPhoto.

  • 2018-10-25T19:00:00-07:00:
    Apps that are connected to SQL that do not show data in a dropdown control can be resolved by disabling an advanced feature. To do this, open the app and go to File > App Settings > Advanced Settings and disable the toggle for "Explicit column selection."

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