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Redeploy past solution versions using pipelines

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Need to roll back to a previous solution version in your production environment? Now you can with pipelines! Pipelines have guardrails in place to ensure that solutions are rolled back in a safely, following ALM best practices.

New redeploy experience by clicking the ellipses next to the start time, available with Power Platform Pipelines packages version 9.1.24023.240222117 or later
New redeploy experience, available with Power Platform Pipelines package version 9.1.24023.240222117 or later

Makers can now initiate a redeployment from a successful deployment record via the Run history tab on the Pipelines page. Pipeline owners will have the authority to control this feature’s enablement as well, so no worries about someone rolling back without permission. In pipeline settings, there is a new configuration option, Allow redeployment of older versions, which can be controlled by the pipeline owner(s). In addition to the setting, there is a confirmation message before deployment configuration and a warning message at the end of the configuration on the summary page specifying that the action is irreversible, so that there is guaranteed intent to overwrite the current solution version with the older one.

We hope that this simple, yet monumental feature will better assist customers in enabling best ALM practices seamlessly for their organizations, and remove the hassle of restoring previous versions of solutions in target environments.

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