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Sharing PowerApps with multiple users

Headshot of article author Linh Tran

Today, we rolled out a new feature. You can share an app with a set of users in the company by simply copy and paste their names or emails instead of typing the full name for each individual user.

Previously, you can only type in a single user at a time. If you paste a list of names or emails, we won’t recognize them. We support Azure Active Directory Security Group and recommend using that for sharing app to multiple user. However, the feedback we received was it is not a trivial task at some companies for a regular user to create an Azure Active Directory Security Group. Being able to copy  a list of names or email addresses i.e. from Outlook and paste into the sharing UI would be useful, similar to sharing a Word document or a SharePoint list.

So we enabled this feature. You can now copy a list of names, email addresses or a combination of names & email addresses in supported format and paste them in, we will resolve them to the right users.


A few key things to know:

  • We support full name, or email address, or a combination of name and email addresses following Outlook format i.e. Jane Doe <>.
  • We only support semicolon as the separator.
  • There can be multiple users with the same full name in your companies though they have different email addresses. When that is the case, we will resolve the user to the first name matched that we find.
  • If we can’t resolve the name or email address, or if user already has the permission, we highlight the name or email address in red with the details in the tooltip as seen below.

As always, we value your feedback. Let us know in the blog comments or the community forums what you think!