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Democratizing application development inside Microsoft with the Power Platform

Application development today can present numerous challenges, especially for large organizations with numerous teams working across various workflows and apps at once. With digitalization increasing rapidly, so has the pressure on teams to develop and maintain a multitude of applications to meet current needs. As central dev teams struggle to keep pace with growing demands, it becomes increasingly difficult to address the needs of individual business units and results in painfully long lead times. While Microsoft’s Power Platform enables individuals in the organization to develop apps for their team’s business needs without relying on central dev teams, a new set of challenges arise around the accessibility and reusability of data and apps across the organization. The lack of a central location for teams to co-develop and work from shared data led the Business Application Group (BAG) team at Microsoft to realize an immediate need to democratize app development within its own initiatives.

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Announcing PowerApps Preview Program

PowerApps Preview program is a way to get early access to the upcoming functionalities and updates. All you need to do is to create an environment in Preview region, and you will get early access to the functionalities. With the Preview Program, not only you can try out and learn about the upcoming functionalities, but also validate your apps to be working fine with the latest updates.

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Get visibility into the apps that your organization is building!

As an environment admin, you can now download a list of apps being created in the environment from the PowerApps admin center. If you are an Office 365 Global admin or an Azure Active Directory tenant admin, you can download the list of apps for all the environments in your organization. The list contains the app name, the creator of the app, the connector that the app uses to connect to the data source, and other information.

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